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[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 24/06/06]

The 2006 Miss Hong Kong pageant will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 12th August and the sixteen finalists met the press officially for the first time after their makeovers. Although the event was held at the pool of a housing development, maybe because the girls are still undergoing slimming, so they were arranged to wear some casual summer outfits instead of swimwear. The loose fitting dresses weren't too sexy and some even gave the girls a bit of a 'bucket waist'. The girls were asked to walk along a catwalk to the centre of the pool to introduce themselves and although they had undergone training, the nerves showed as some girls ended up 'marching' down the platform.

According to the information provided from the event, there are nine contestants who are educated to university standard and only Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan is just a high school graduate. Sporting a 'Cleopatra' style haircut, Number 12 Tse Wing Shan is studying archeology at university and she says she would like to go to Egypt for a dig when she graduates. She loves her hairstyle as she feels that this matches her course very well. As for their figures, the official measurements have not yet been released, but from the event, Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei, Number 4 Wong Ying and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum have fuller figures. As for their ages, the youngest contestant is 19-year old Number 9 Yuen Yee and 25-year old Chan Yan Mei is the eldest. Yuen Yee says that the other 'elder sisters' have been looking after her and Chan Yan Mei does not think that she will lose out on age because this proves she has more life experiences.

Hot favourites such as Number 4 Wong Ying, Number 8 Tsui Suk Man and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum seemed to be rather tired yesterday and for Tsui Suk Man, who has had a lot of gossip about her since she entered the compeition, she was asked whether she felt pressurised because of being dubbed a favourite. She says that she is happy enough already to get into the finals and if she gains a top three position, then this would be a bonus. She will not think too much about other things. In response to the reports that she has a boyfriend in his forties and questions about his support for her, she said: "My friends and family are all very supportive. (Is your current boyfriend the one you want to marry?) We'll go with the flow." with reports that she had revealed in the training camp that she wants to get married soon, she as asked about this and she replied: "Every girl wants to get married, I think I will get married before I am 30." Wong Ying and Tsang Shui Shan were asked about their 'bra shopping experience' reported by the press and they admitted it openly, saying that it is perfectly normal to prepare some underwear for the contest.

Number 5 Lui Wai Yee wore a white puffy dress and she says it is very cute. As for being dubbed as a favourite, she smiles: "I am not a hot favourite, just among the 'better ones'. She also says she does not think she looks like Shu Qi, but since she was ten years old, people have noticed a resemblance. Number 15 Cheng Wing Sum's outfit seemed very conservative compared to her usual low cut tops and asked if she was worried about the press following her around as a favourite, she said: "I am not worried. I am usually with my family or going to the community centre to do voluntary work, so I have nothing to hide."

According to executive Ho Lai Chuen, the contestants will be heading out to Seoul and Jeju Island in Korea for the location shoot, which will last a week. The girls will take lessons in Korean culture and customs. They will also visit a cosmetic surgery college. It has been confirmed that Korean stars se7en will be the guest performers. Other guests will include Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong, but they are currently working on their schedules. Mr Ho says that they will most likely select two of the three men.

On the Mr Hong Kong front, Assistant Organising Manager Rosa Chan received a letter from the school where Number 10 Siu Cheuk Ming was alleged to have molested a 16 year old girl. The school gave a glowing reference for him and indicated that he has won many awards for the school and there was no such incident that happened.


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 24/06/06]

TVB sitcom "Welcome to the Family" were filming on location yesterday and cast members Raymond Cho, Shermon Tang and Lai Lok Yi had to bear the heat and wear long sleeved clothes. Wearing a black jacket, Lok Yi says that the audience just see their beautiful side, so it is worth the hard work. Raymond joked that Lok Yi's appearance on the show has caused quite a stir among the female cast members, including Christine Ng and Kingdom Yuen and Lok Yi played along, saying: "I am just too good looking, I don't mind dating an older women as long as the feelings are there. Eight years older than me is okay, ten is a bit too old."

The scene tells of how Ko Yau Ching (Shermon) and Lok Yi's character were ex-lovers, but Lok Yi was not really in love with her. As Lok Yi's father is the owner of the competitor company to the one where Ko Yau Yi (Raymond) works, then he was just using Yau Ching, then the two split up in the end. Shermon had to be very upset and hurt in her crying scene and she says she had not prepared any eye drops for it. She has never been tricked of her love before in real life, so she can only use her imagination to think of times when her family or pets have died to get herself into the mood.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/06/06]

Hacken Lee was the guest on this week's episode of Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" and Stephen presented him with an England football shirt printed with his name as well as a set of 'double happiness' covers for his forthcoming wedding. Stephen went on to joke that he just works for TVB, whereas Hacken is TVB's godson, so he had to give him a present! When Hacken heard this, he was a little stunned. Asked if this was his first wedding present, Hacken laughed that you could say so. When Stephen asked Hacken when he would be getting married, Hacken said that when the time comes, he will prepare some vegetarian dishes for Stephen, as he is a vegetarian.

Hacken says that he has done a lot of hosting recently, so it is a nice change to be interviewed instead. He feels that these open chat shows need to be hosted by someone with a high standing, otherwise there will be a lot of questions that won't be asked. Is he afraid of the sharp questioning? Hacken says that he is a very direct person and will not go around the houses. If he does not want to answer the question, then he will say so. As for which questions he will not answer, Hacken says he will answer 99% of the questions, but he will not talk about the events of recent weeks. When the reporters pressed on him to comment on Lam Man Chung's departure from the world cup programme, Hacken protested: "I really don't want to talk about it."

There were some reports that 'Uncle' Spencer Lam lost his temper on the show earlier about the reports and Hacken says that he was a little annoyed, but this is justified because he is from the sports team and not from the entertainment industry, so he is not used to the gossip. Hacken adds that Spencer had talked to him about this before, saying that the sports team rarely has any gossip, so he does not understand why it turned out this way this year, as it has been the same over the last eight years and nothing has changed particularly. Asked if he will do it again for the next world cup, Hacken says that it all depends on fate and no-one knows what will happen in four years time.

Stephen was asked about Man Chung's departure and he explains that this was always known because of Man Chung's schedules. Asked if Man Chung has complained to him about the rumours, Stephen says he hasn't and adds that Man Chung is very concerned about his work and some things can only be said after the show. As for this year's gossip, Stephen says that there has always been gossip around the Olympics or the World Cup and it is like this every year. Hacken will be heading to Germany soon to watch the World Cup live and Stephen says that his replacement is still being sought, but Spencer and Ng Fong Wing will still be there to hold the fort.

With other reports that businessman Richard Li (son of tycoon Lee Ka Shing) intends to buy TVB, Stephen says that he has not heard about this and the board has not received anything to this effect. PCCW's former president Yuen Tin Fan visited TVB City earlier and met with TVB executive Chan Ching Cheung, but Stephen says he was not present at the meeting and just knows that this was just a tour and a reunion visit and TVB's Pay Vision are currently providing productions to 'now'. So does that mean that TVB and PCCW will be working together more? Stephen indicates that they are always hoping to co-operate.


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