Sunday, June 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 19/06/06]

TVB new series "Housewife Army" was filming yesterday in a North Point primary school in a scene that tells of housewives Kiki Sheung, Cecilia Yip and Sheren Tang taking their children and husbands to the school for health checks. The cast had to start work at 6am and with the stuffy heat, they were feeling very subdued. Cecilia called upon her assistant to hold an umbrella over them to protect them from the sun and Sheren had her miniature fan handy all through the shoot. In between takes, they all hid in the school hall, which is air conditioned.

As this scene involved many child actors, it was quite difficult to shoot and Kiki often scolded some of the kids, before saying she was wasting her breath. As for Sheren, who has a son and a daughter in the show, she says she is glad that her 'children' have had previous filming experience and it is her who sometimes forgets her lines. Asked if she has developed a fear of children, she says no, but she is afraid of being a mother because it is such hard work, but sometimes it can be amusing to see the different personalities in children.

Cecilia says that in order to fit in with the times for the children, their shoots are very long and she has reflected this to the producer, but because the rules state that child actors are only allowed to work up to 11pm, then they have to work harder to fit everything in. Cecilia does feel that for children to work up to 11pm is too late anyway. Asked if she had children, would she let them film, she says it would be good to give them the experience, but if it means that their life becomes too busy, then it would not be good. In the show, she has a daughter and she says the little girl has boundless energy and sometimes she can't keep up with her. Does she find the kids cute? She thinks for a moment and says: "Yes, they are cute." Sometimes children's thoughts can be quite surprising and they cannot be conducted by adults. Cecilia laughs that sometimes she feels she is under the control of the children.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 19/06/06]

Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Lai Lok Yi and Priscilla Kwan were guests on Carol Cheng's quiz show "Justice For All" yesterday.

Frankie says that this is his second appearance on the show and he feels that as he grows older, he has gained a lot more knowledge about legal matters and recently he has met many professional people such as lawyers and doctors and earlier when he injured himself playing football, he checked with a doctor friend to make sure he was alright. After buying an apartment earlier, but still not taking possession of it, has he been taking advice from his lawyer friends? He says that he has saved a lot of time before the sale by seeking advice from them.

Yoyo has been busy filming recently for new series "Psychic Cop", which should be completed in July. She says that she doesn't usually pay much attention to legal affairs, but she feels that this quiz show is very useful: "I see legal matters as a very deep knowledge, so I hope that I can learn something from the show. I rarely contact lawyers usually and even when I bought my apartment, it was my assistant who arranged it all. I try to avoid having to seek a lawyer."


Liu Kai Chi was joined by over a thousand fellow churchgoers as they shared a rather unusual Fathers Day. As well as two shopping mall appearances, Uncle Chi also took his wife Chan Man Yee and two sons to a Cheung Sha Wan church to take part in a "Give Dad a Gift" event.

As Man Yee listened to the sermon about how God gave up his son for mankind, she was wiping her eyes with tissue. Then when they showed some footage of her late son Man Lok, she joined the audience in smiling at his antics.

Before Uncle Chi arrived, Man Yee had shared her thoughts with the congregation, saying that in her darkest moment, she had questioned her faith, but then she learned to let go, because this was the inspiration she gained from Lok Lok's passing. As Uncle Chi arrived, she invited this great father onto the stage and they said that with their two sons and Lok Lok in their hearts, they will always be a family of five.


[wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 19/06/06]

Yesterday was a very special Fathers Day for Eric Tsang as he received an honorary doctorate alongside renowned abalone chef Yeung Koon Yat in a ceremony held at Tsimshatsui's New World Hotel. The ceremony also honoured them as 'World's Outstanding Chinese People'. Wearing a Doctor's gown for the first time, Eric was so happy that the smile never left his face.

"I never thought that this day would have such a special double meaning for me." He says. "In gaining this honour, I hope that I can be a role model to students everywhere to find success not only in their work, but also in society and their contribution to the community." Eric says that as an artiste, he has two dreams, the first is to become Best Actor at an awards ceremony, becuase this is the greatest achievement in the industry. Secondly it is to gain a doctorate, because normally you have to study very hard to get this, but through services to society, you can also win the appreciation of others.

To celebrate the occasion, he will be going for dinner with his son Kwok Cheung. His daughter Bo Yee is currently working in the mainland, so she cannot join him just yet. Eric has been commentating on the World Cup as a guest for a Guangdong television station and will soon be heading out to Germany to watch the World Cup with members of the Celebrity Football Team. Asked to comment on the rumours of animoscity surrounding Hacken Lee and Lam Man Chung on the set of the TVB World Cup programme, he says he has known Chung for a long time and he does not believe there is anything going on, but sometimes his comments can become very muddled. He feels that they should apologise to Uncle Spencer though, because this should be the year of his glorious retirement and should not be marred by these reports.


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