Sunday, June 11, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/06/06]

The "apm Lady in Red Autograph Event" was held yesterday and Bernice Liu, Sharon Chan, Vivien Yeo and Linda Chung were present to help promote their album, attracting quite a crowd. Vivien's outfit was the sexiest, with her super short hot pants showing off her smooth, fair legs, but her singing was only so-so and not as attractive as her appearance.

Afraid of revealing herself, Vivien daren't sit down during the event and luckily there was a cloth in front of the table when she was signing autographs. When asked if this was a 'bonus', she replied that she has nothing else to offer, so she is offering her thighs. Asked if she is most confident with her beautiful legs, she says she is to some extent, but she feels there is too much flesh on her thighs. The press went on to ask her to sell her top half next time. Linda led the line-up for the performance and was a little shaky. She says that this is the second time she has sung live, but she is still nervous about it. She says that she is a fan of Holland, but because her brother is in Hong Kong to visit, she has not had time to watch the football. With all the recent world cup events, Linda has been earning some extra money towards her mortgage and asked if she would like a rich boyfriend, she replies shaking her head: "No, the more money he has, the more I am afraid. As long as he loves me, that is enough, but I haven't found one yet."

Bernice indicated that she has presented her friends with copies of the album and as many of her friends and family are in Canada, she has also ordered some for them. She has been joining in with the fun and watching the world cup, where she is supporting Brazil because she likes their team spirit and their kit looks good. Her favourite stars are Kaka, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Bernice adds that she is not just looking for handsome guys on the pitch. Asked if she will be watching the games with Moses Chan, she laughs: "I don't know if he watches it. I just know that Frankie Lam likes to watch football." Yesterday was the second time that Bernice has sung her song "Split Up", but as singing is not her strength, then she was very nervous. Recently, she has been taking singing lessons, but she still does not feel she can consider herself a singer yet. As for when she would be releasing her own album, she says that this is down to the company to organise for her.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/06/06]

As the host for TVB's coverage of the world cup, Hacken Lee found himself in an awkward situation at a shopping mall World Cup event earlier, where they were airing the match live on Cable. He avoided the big screen whilst the match was on, emerging only at half time and after the game to meet the audience.

Hacken understands his responsibilities and when asked if he watched the match, he requested apologetically to the press not to ask these questions and then said: "Just write that I avoided it! (Have you recorded the game?) I am avoiding the question. I will be watching the highlights, this is the standard response from TVB staff, I think Ho Lai Chuen (TVB executive) will say the same." Talking of betting on the game, Hacken says that the most he will bet is several hundred dollars and as he is a die-hard England fan, he will support them to the end. Asked if he will be neglecting his fiancee during this time, he says: "Please behave and not ask these questions. She has been going out with her friends, so she is happy."

An unusual incident happened at the event, where a female fan managed to get into the press pen, posing as a reporter to get close to her idol. When Hacken's assistant spotted her, he tapped her on the shoulder to tell her to leave, but in her shock, she called out: "Assault!" before pleading to shake hands with Hacken. This caused a commotion with the crowd, but when Hacken realised she meant no hard, he shook her hand before she was escorted out. Afterwards, Hacken laughed: "Maybe she thought Beckham was there!"


[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 12/06/06]

TVB's new series "Pain of Men" held a Fathers Day promotional event in a shopping centre yesterday, attended by Ron Ng, Toby Leung and Johnson Lee. Other stars Damian Lau and Louisa So could not make it because of illness and other commitments. In a balloon-bursting event, Ron suddenly said: "Being trodden but still have to work." Afterwards, he was very reserved when he was playing games.

With this being Toby's first series, she has been so nervous that she has not been able to sleep. She says she does not have any expectations for the results and she is ready for any criticisms over her acting. She also reveals that her father (TVB Drama Dept Assistant Chief Tommy Leung) has already seen two episodes of the show and has praised her performance as not bad. She says: "Maybe he is biased, so he has praised me. Howeer, if I am unnatural in the show when it airs, my dad will tell me about it."

Asked if she has any pledges for the ratings, Toby laughs: "Ron says that if the show reaches 42 points, then we will go for dinner, but I will take everyone out even if it only reaches 39 points. (Will you hold a swimwear party to celebrate?) No, my dad won't even let me wear a slightly sexy outfit. Although he won't scold me, he will not let me have this party."

Ron says that if the show hits 42 points, then he will take everyone for abalone noodles. Talking of his kissing scene with Toby, he was asked by press if he was afraid of being scolded by Tommy for this, but he replied lightly: "I am not afraid, the script was not too overboard. I have known Toby for a while, if the rumours continue, then that is all they are and they are not true."


[Wen Wei Po 12/06/06]

TVB Pearl will begin showing Japanese series "Oniyume Diary", which tells of a man who is haunted by the ghost of his angry wife. A promotional event was held yesterday at Olympian City attended by Kenny Wong, Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu and Charmaine Li. During the games, Kenny and Wayne had to eat marshmallows and do sit ups at the same time, whilst Nancy and Charmaine had to design some new boxer shorts for the two men.

With his recent gain in popularity, Kenny has been shooting plenty of photographs revealing his upper body and he joked that he had worn a semi-transparent top to show off. He also revealed that he has accepted a job to advertise for a suntan lotion and says that he will be showing off his muscles for the ad. Asked if he will have to wear swimming trunks for the ad, he laughs: "We'll see how the shoot goes, they will be still photos. (Will you mind doing Viagra ads?) No, it is all arranged by the company, they will only accept it if they think I should do it."

Nancy seemed a lot thinner than usual in yesterday's event and she says that her weight has fallen to just 97 lbs. "I have been busy filming and had flu, so I lost 6 lbs. I have been working hard to put the weight back on by eating cheese and drinking milk. Everyone who sees me asked me why I am so skinny and my family are quite worried about me."


[The Sun 12/06/06]

Kevin Cheng took part in a World Cup event in a shopping centre yesterday, where he played a hair cutting game with some fans. When he approached the crowd to shake hands and sign photographs, he was pulled towards the crowd by some over-enthusiastic fans and nearly lost his balance.

Despite the hype over the World Cup, Kevin has been busy filming for new series "Psychic Cop" and can only watch the highlights of the matches. he says: "Having to watch the World Cup and film at the same time is hard work. I didn't even get to watch the England and Paraguay match." Asked if he bets on the football, he says: "I don't really gamble much, I don't even buy the Mark Six lottery. The most I will bet is a bottle of pop when I am playing tennis."


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