Saturday, June 10, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/06/06]

Sonija Kwok, Rain Li and Jolie Chan were dressed in their nightwear as they took part in the "apm Watching the World Cup Through the Night" event, with the young ladies being quite daring as Rain wore a low cut negligee and still bent over to throw a football about. Jolie also didn't hold back despite wearing a little nightie as she jumped about and showed off her knickers.

Sonija on the other hand was quite reserved and was so careful that she daren't even sit down. She was not embarrassed at wearing nightwear in a shopping centre, but she was glad she didn't have to resort to revealing herself: "It is safety first for me, I have done a lot preparation and it is better not to have any faults." As Sonija's grandfather was English, then she is a quarter English blood, so she will be supporting England in this year's World Cup.


[The Sun 11/06/06]

Stephanie Che's mother, Che Yee Fan, was imprisoned a few years ago for theft and reporters recently received information that after serving her sentence, she was due for release yesterday. With this news, the press camped out at the Tai Lam Correctional Institute awaiting Ms Che's appearance, but after several hours, there was no sign of Stephanie or her mother. When they checked with the prison services, it was revealed that Ms Che was due to be released, but because of her ill health, she had been transferred to a hospital and she would be released from there.

There have been reports that Ms Che has been in poor health throughout her sentence and although Stephanie was pleased to be reunited with her mother, she has arranged for her to be transferred to a private hospital to complete her treatment. Stephanie arrived at the hospital wearing a peaked cap at around 5pm to visit her mother before going out to a department store in Central to buy some things for her mother. She did not seem too happy with the press following her and simply said: "I will not respond." to any questions before jumping back in the car.

Afterwards, Stephanie's assistant issued a statement on her behalf, confirming that Ms Che has been released but she does not want to say too much. She added: "Stephanie hopes that everyone will give her and her mother some space and let her mother regain her health. (How is her mother?) No big problems, she is just in hospital for observations."


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