Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 07/06/06]

A promotional event was held yesterday for TVB's new series "Forensic Heroes" and was attended by cast members including Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung and Frankie Lam, who enacted a murder mystery scene, but when everyone forgot their lines, it just unravelled into a comedy.

Yoyo reveals that there will be more promotional events for this show and the cast will be in their swimwear. She plans to buy a new swimsuit and when asked if she will be wearing a bikini, she says she does not know yet, but she does prefer to wear bikinis because she does not want to have strap marks in her tan. Yoyo says she has been working hard to keep fit and due to a recent injury to a ligament her jaw, she has eaten less, so this has helped. The doctor says she has either been speaking too loudly or laughing too loudly and this has caused her to tear a ligament. Yoyo is currently filming opposite Moses Chan in the series "Psychic Cop".

Bobby is not afraid of the challenge to their show from ATV's "Central Affairs 2" and goes on to compliment Yoyo on her great figure that is no longer washboard. Bobby will be heading out to the Philippines soon to film on location for "Casino Wars" and asked if he was worried about his show being rolled out after the "Dance of Passion", Bobby says that he is confident about taking the baton from "Dance". When it was mentioned that he is a lucky soul, Bobby says immediately: "Don't say that, I do work and it is not all about luck."

Some reports have suggested that Frankie and Kenix Kwok have recently bought four luxury apartments and are paying $400,000 a month in mortgage payments. When asked about this, Frankie immediately denied the rumuors, saying that he only took back his property at the end of last year and has not yet paid anything on the mortgage, so there is no way it is this much. He says that buying an apartment is a security investment and he will only take on what is within his means. When Frankie later saw the reports, he went on to ask whether this magazine had reporters present and telling everyone that they should not buy this magazine. Asked how much he is budgeting to pay for his property, he did not respond, just saying he does not know yet because it has not yet completed. He later indicated that it is very flexible, so even if the market is volatile, he is prepared for the worst case scenario and there is no problem. He goes on to laugh that this report is like his new script, but thanks them for their free publicity for his new show.

There have been rumours that Johnson Lee and Raymond Cho have been at odds with each other, and someone, supposedly Raymond, has been complaining to the producer about NG's and poor scripts. The two were also present at the event and when they were posing for photographs, they seemed very friendly with their hugs and pats. Raymond insists there is no animoscity between them as Johnson had driven him to the event and then they will both return to filming afterwards. He says that everyone is very happy in their series and there are no cliques.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/06/06]

Ada Choi's series "Dance of Passion" will be airing its grand finale this week but with the continuously falling ratings, there have been numerous suggestions as to why this is, including the rape scene on ATV's "Central Affairs 2" and the exaggerated overdramatisation of the female leads in the series.

Upon hearing this, Ada says she will not comment on other people's acting ability, but she has heard mostly good reviews about the show. She feels that artistes cannot affect ratings and awards, so no matter what the response is, she understands that the audience have their own views. She does hope that people will see the hard work that the cast have put into making the show. She says: "No wonder so many friends have called me and told me to ignore whatever I hear. To be honest though negative or positive, any reviews are good. I will be there on Friday to watch the show with everyone."

Ada is a spokesperson for a beauty centre and she was dressed up for a promotional event yesterday for the company's new Shanghai centre. She has been spokesperson for this company for eight years now in Hong Kong and now she has become the company's face in the mainland as well, so her fee has gone up to seven figures, much higher than her last contract. Whenever she heads to Shanghai to work, the centre will arrange for four or five masseurs to massage her. She says that this is a new contract that reflects the larger market in China.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 07/06/06]

Ella Koon, Tavia Yeung and Yumiko cheng were guests on TVB show "Beautiful Cooking" hosted by Edmond Leung, Ronald Cheng and Alex Fong recently and as Tavia entered the stage, Edmond made a comment about her tan, that sounded like a swear word and he went on to ignore Ronald's attempt to correct him, insisting that he was just stuttering, despite his past record doing the same thing. Asked if he had explained himself to TVB, he said there was nothing to explain and TVB had not questioned him about it. He says he did not mean anything and it was just a mistake. As for his past record, he says that he is not malicious and is just fluffing his lines because he has never been a host before. It looks like Edmond has still not learned his lesson after a similar incident on a charity show in 1995, leading to his subsequent freezing by TVB.

Tavia indicates that she has never cooked anything before, so she has been quite nervous about appearing on the show and even dreamed about her mother giving her half a fish and some ginger to cook, but she woke up before she tried it. Ella boasted that she is a great cook and her best dish is steamed egg and beans stir fried with beef. Asked if she has cooked for her boyfriend, she says: "I have in the past, but I don't have anyone now.I live alone, so I don't get any soup and am afraid of getting wrinkly."

Carlo Ng and Timmy Hung were guest judges on the show and revealed that they have different views on cooking skill. For Carlo, who has a family now, culinary skills are important, whereas Timmy wants looks as well. Alex was full of cheeky comments as he introduced the guests, firstly having a dig at Ella over her recent rumours of romance with Ron Ng and then going on to hint at the earlier rumours between Timmy and Tavia.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/06/06]

Andy Hui will shortly begin filming for TVB's new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" for a planned two months. As this clashes directly with this year's Football World Cup, so this is a great sacrifice for football fan Andy, who will not be able to watch the matches or take part in any football related events. Andy estimates he will be losing out on several hundreds of thousand dollars worth of jobs in these two months.

As for the suggestions he is taking on the TVB project in exchange for an award at the end of year music awards, he insists: "There is no relation. Filming the series is about my interests and ratings and the most important thing is that the series does well. Don't read too much into it." As for the recent fall in TVB's ratings, Andy says he has not paid much attention and just hopes that filming goes smoothly for his series. Asked if he has any expectations for the ratings, he says he will aim for 40 points. How would he celebrate? He says that he will ask TVB to take them all on holiday.


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