Monday, June 26, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 26/06/06]

As the TVB Children's Festival Ambassador for 2006, Steven Ma will also be singing the new theme tune to the "After School ICU" kids show, that will soon be undergoing a revamp. As the song is needed urgently, Steven was out early to film the video for it. The weather on the day of filming was extremely hot, over 30 degrees with the sun shining, so Steven was dripping with sweat, sticking his tongue out and even showing his nipples.

Steven laughs in jest: "Everyone has them, so it's not unusual for them to stick out. It is very hot though, but I am nowhere near as bad as Chung Chung here. His costume is so hot and heavy and he has to play basketball with me too. I am afraid he will get heatstroke if we carry on." In order to tie in with the theme of the song, the shoot took place in a school and Steven was pleased to find that the library had a copy of his publishing company's book "Turn Good Turn Bad". He says: "I took some time out to go and buy some books from the library, but the teachers were very nice and wouldn't let me pay."

Later, Steven headed off to Sai Kung Pier to continue filming, where he had to sit in a wooden chair to read and then get up and walk towards the camera, but when he did this, the chair stuck to him and he had to NG. The crew laughed: "You have a chain, but don't know how to use it!" It turned out that the fashionable chain that Steven had on his trousers had hooked onto the chair and had dragged it along with him.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/06/06]

Bernice Liu attended a promotional event yesterday at Langham Place and Portland Street in Mongkok as the street was closed off to traffic and several hundred citizens gathered to see her. Bernice sung three songs and during her third fast song, she ran the risk of being groped as she went over to shake hands with the crowds. As the press rushed forward to take photographs, there was a moment of chaos. Fortunately, probably due to the heat, then as soon as Bernice had finished singing, the crowds dispersed, leaving just a group of dedicated fans, who waited patiently.

Bernice wore a long sleeved top and long trousers to the event and asked whether she was so covered up because she was in Mongkok, she says: "I am not really that covered up, last time I was filming and I ended up being bitten on my legs by mosquitoes, so I covered up my legs this this time." With Bernice being selected by the organising committee to represent the traditionally rather seedy Portland Street, she was asked why she thought they had chosen her. She says: "Because I have a healthy image and this event is a very positive one. I am currently filming for 'Operation Breakthrough' so when the company heard about this event, they let me have time off to take on this job." As for the accepted view that the people in Mongkok are a little complex, Bernice says: "Hong Kong people find it complex, but the tourists love shopping here and the shopping centres here have improved things a lot." Bernice says that this event is like a carnival and the audience consists of all ages and families, so she is not worried about being linked to the red light image. Asked if she was scratched by the crowd when she shook hands with them, she says: "They are all very warm and everyone was very nice."


[The Sun 26/06/06]

Jacqueline Law was a prize giving guest at at a sports event yesterday, but she admits that she is not a very active person herself. As she has lost the hearing in her left ear and can only hear 20% through her right ear, she has almost given up filming series now.

Jacqueline says: "Don't think that I am always very active, I am all just looks really. Usually the only exercise I do is walking and stretching. (What are you up to now?) I am training beauty technicians. (Any filming?) My current health is not suited to filming series, doing 'La Femme Desperado' last time was just being in the right place at the right time. I have to pay a lot of attention to people talking now and look at their lips, so it is hard work and always having to bend down to hear what they are saying gives me aches and pains, so I don't even see my friends much now. My appearance at the event today is to show everyone that even if you are as disabled as me, then you can still do many things."


[The Sun 26/06/06]

The forthcoming Mr Hong Kong contest held a vote pulling event yesterday, where the fourteen contestants showed off their special talents to try and win the votes from the audience. Among them, the most outstanding was 'muscleman' Leung Kwok Yin, who appeared previously as 'Terminator', as he showed off his six-pack and raised some screams from the crowd, winning the vote on the day.

TVB had originally planned to take the men to the Philippines for location filming, but this was cancelled last minute, with rumours that this was caused by the low standard of the contestants, leading to cutbacks by the company. In response to this, producer Chin Kwok Wai says: "We had planned to go abroad for location filming, but because of authorisation and paperwork problems, it was cancelled and not any other reasons."


[The Sun 26/06/06]

Vivien Yeo was the guest judge for a Pay Vision children's talent event yesterday, where she played games with some kids and tested their IQ. She says that she lacks patience, so when she meets children who are naughty and hard work, then she will want to smack them. She also reveals that she was very mischievous when she was a child and was often smacked by her mum: "I was very stubborn when I was a child and always answered back. I remember when I was four, I was sulking and wouldn't get up for school, then I bumped into a closet and ended up having to have stitchs in my chin." ASked if she would like to have a baby of her own, she refused, saying: "At the moment I am not really a big fan of children, so I am not ready mentally to have kids yet. It is a very great feat to be a mother."


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