Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 21/06/06]

Cast members from "Forensic Heroes" Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung and Florence Kwok were interviewed on Metro Radio yesterday and talking of the show only reaching 28 points in the first week, Yoyo said that to get this result amid the hype of the World Cup is already very satisfying. Frankie feels that this series is very good, so he is very confident. Asked if there would be a sequel, Frankie says that "Forensic" is a series used to fight a war, so for the company to be confident in battling this series with so many other distractions, then it should be worth filming a sequel. Yoyo says that if there is such an opportunity, then she would be prepared to film it.

As for the recent reports about Frankie's father-in-law encountering problems, Frankie says that the reports are all made up and he hopes that the readers will not believe these scriptwriters. Asked if his father-in-law is unhappy at this, he says that they are all adults, so they will not be affected by these malicious rumours.


[Ta Kung Pao 21/06/06]

The World Cup only comes around once every four years and the celebrity football team will not miss out on this. The team headed out to Germany yesterday to watch a match live in a group of forty people, including Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan and his wife Cecilia Wong, Felix Wong, Edmond Leung, Law Ka Ying, Liza Wang, Wan Chi Keung and his father, Shing Fui On, Eddie Cheung and his son.

The group will stay in Germany for a week, where they will be watching the Holland vs Argentina match. After watching the match, they will head to Holland and England for some friendly matches against the local Chinese teams. Law Ka Ying says that he has been busy filming for ATV earlier, so he now has some time to go on vacation with Liza. He has arranged a break from the production team in order to go and watch the World Cup. Is he worried about his health suffering on the long journey? He syas that he was a little worried before, so he has rested well and brought his medication along with him. He adds that his health has improved a lot now. Asked if she was worried about his health, Liza replied that there are some things he knows himself already.

When Eddie Cheung's son spotted Liza yesterday, he immediately said that he had seen her on the 'Golden Oldies' music show and "War and Beauty". This left Liza rather puzzled because she did not have apart in "War", so it was rather amusing. Liza says she has been busy filming "Pearl of the Orient" for TVB lately and she had to rearrange her schedules to accommodate this trip. Liza is a supporter of Brazil and Ka Ying is an England fan. Liza says that Ronaldo has put on some weight, but he is still a great footballer. She also praises Ronaldinho's great smile!


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