Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 14/06/06]
(Additional pictures from The Sun)

TVB aired the final two episodes back to back of series "The Dance of Passion" on Monday, which was followed by a special followup programme to share the reviews with the audience. The cast members who attended included Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong and Vinci Wong and they were a little sad to see the show end as they thought back to memories of their time in Yinchuan, when they were filming.

Charmaine wore a tube-top and a flowery dress, attracting much attention. Asked if she was confident with the show's ratings, she indicated that she hopes for the higher the better, but she doesn't really pay much attention to them. The most important thing is a good script and she has already given her best performance. Charmaine and Gigi both felt that the ending was very touching and they were a little teary eyed. Gigi says as there were other people present, she didn't cry out, but if she was at home, then she would have been crying a long time ago.

Ada bought a present for Maggie, which was a crucifix ornament, featuring a cute lamb inside it. Ada says she found it suited Maggie, so she bought it for her. She says that as far as ratings are concerned, she can't control them, but she is happy that everyone has had the chance to work together and everyone was very happy to co-operate.

TVB announced that "The Dance of Passion" gained an average of 35 ratings points for the finale, peaking at 38 points. The special feature show had average ratings of 29 points, peaking at 31 points.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 14/06/06]

Annie Lau, Cherrie Ying and Eunis Chan were guests in Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong and Edmond Leung's kitchen this week for a spot of "Beautiful Cooking". Guest judges were William So and Tony Leung (Ka Fai), who brought along their own dinner set to savour the food on. As usual, when the guests were introduced, the jokes were aplenty and Cherrie was targeted for her links with Eric Suen.

One of the challenges on the show was 'chopping chicken' and Annie and Cherrie were very clumsy with their work, leaving a rather messy pile that did not resemble a chicken at all. Eunis on the other hand seemed to be quite at home with it and was able to piece together the chicken on the plate in a chicken shape. Conversely, when they were making pot rice, Cherrie's attempt was speedy and presented well, whereas Eunis burned the pot twice. When the hosts and guests tried the food, Alex and Ronald kept joking about "40 inch breasts" and Alex found it so funny he was blasting rice everywhere. Even Tony had to step in and tell them off, saying: "Even at my level of seniority, we can't joke about these things."

Tony later commented that he had been tricked by TVB into coming onto the show. He says that when he was invited, he only heard "beautiful" and didn't hear the "cooking" part, so he felt a little cheated. Tony says that he knows how to cook, but now it is all done by his wife.


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