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[Ta Kung Pao 04/06/06]

Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok were filming earlier at TVB City for new series "Pearl of the Orient" and Roger's skin seemed to be very dark. He explains that the story tells of how Evergreen Mak's character mistakes Roger for murdering his wife, so he seeks revenge from Roger, but Roger is missing Charmaine, who plays a singer, so he has to darken his skin as a disguise to avoid Evergreen and sneak into the studios to see her. Roger says that he will soon be going to Taiwan with Jessica Hsuan to promote "Life Made Simple", but he will only be spending a day there because he has to continue filming.

Charmaine reveals that filming will be completed in two weeks for this series, but she will move straight onto her next series and not have time for a rest. With the fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants drawing their numbers yesterday, Charmaine laughs: "I should go and take a look! I am just afraid that my 70's outfit will scare them." As for the earlier displays of 'shaking muscles' that the men were giving, Charmaine says this is not unusual enough, so they will need to think up some new gimmicks to steal the show. Asked what would be best, she smiles: "The most important thing is for them to be good looking, because then we can work together in the future in series."

As for this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants, Charmaine says the standard is not bad as many have long arms and legs. As for the negative press that is already surrounding them, Charmaine gives some advice from her own experience and says: "For now, the most important thing is to learn what you need from the production team, such as conversation skills and elocution. Other things don't need to be so open, but sometimes rumours are beyond your control and you just have to make sure you are doing the right thing and keeping beautiful."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/06/06]

This year's Mr Hong Kong contest will be taking place on 8th July and the fourteen contestants were at TVB City yesterday to have their photos taken, pick their numbers, have the rules read to them and to meet with the hair and image stylists. They will meet with the press officially net Wednesday after their makeovers are complete.

Among this year's contestants is Chan Leung Wai, the son of Wynner's band member Anthony Chan Yau and when asked to strike a pose, he shaped his hand into a claw. Also in the final is Wong Cheung Fat, who is the brother of last year's unsuccessful contestant Stephen Wong Cheung Hing. One of the men was looking a little flushed, as if he had been drinking, but he explained this was because it was stuffy on the bus. Asked if he was nervous, he replied: "A little."

The producer of the show Chin Kwok Wai indicated that the youngest finalist this year was 19 years old, whilst the eldest is 36. Occupations range from naval soldiers to fitness instructors and education standards show a majority as university standard. They will be split into the 'stylish' and 'fitness' groups again.

After last year's guest instruction from Thai superstar Tony Jaa, there will be another young Thai boxing instructor for them this year. Rumours suggest that Lin Chiling may be a guest at this year's contest, but Chin Kwok Wai insists that the guests have not been confirmed yet. The rules of the competition include banning the use of swearing or crude language and smoking in public.

As for the rumours that a 41 year old had been accepted but then scrapped of his place after discovering he was only educated to Form 2, Chin denies this, saying that they would not offer places and then take them back again.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/06/06]

Kenix Kwok took part in a beauty and fitness expo yesterday, sporting a new short cut. However, she has not cut her own long hair, but instead was modelling some designs from the hair sculpture salon that she is the spokesperson for. Since filming "Crimes of Passion", it has beeen eight years since she last cut her hair short. She says that this is so that she can adapt to many different roles, but as she has been resting lately, she can try some new styles. This hair replacement can be styled using conventional methods, so it is very convenient and takes just ten minutes to put into place. She says it is useful for when you go out partying, but stresses that she doesn't need this as she spends her evenings in with husband Frankie Lam and a few friends to enjoy wine, so she rarely goes out partying.

Kenix's contract with TVB runs until the beginning of next year, but Kenix has already completed her contracted number of series, so she is concentrating on appearances in the mainland and making ads as well as enjoying her free and easy life, however she still has no plans to start a family. She says: "With children, you have to look after them and teach them. I am indifferent when it comes to children, I don't have to have them, but I will not go against it." As for going away on vacation, Kenix has to wait for husband Frankie's shoulder injury to recover, so it will be at least another month. As well as drinking fish stomach and ligament soup, Lee Szeki has introduced a Chinese herbalist for him, who has prescribed some herbal soup.


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