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[Ta Kung Pao 03/06/06]

Andy Lau was the guest on TVB Pay Vision series "Dinner with Chi Wan", where TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan Chi Wan presented him with a wooden statue of a laughing buddha as a thank you gift, for which Andy was very grateful.

Andy reveals that he has committed to Buddhism for ten years now and his priest title is "Fruit of Wisdom". Asked what this means, Andy says he has not yet worked it out over the last ten years. Stephen indicated that he would be asking Andy about when he would be retiring and getting married as well as some questions about his girlfriend Carol Chu and when Andy heard this, he laughed: "He can ask anything he likes in the show, but I can also choose not to answer!" Andy and Stephen have known each other for a long time and as they are both buddhists, they share a lot of discussions about their faith whenever they meet up.

Andy will shortly be filming a movie with Daniel Wu about drugs barons and Andy will be playing a dealer in the film, who is the bad guy, but he laughs that people think he looks too much like a police officer. He says: "My character has a family, so he will not let people know about his crimes." Andy says he does not know who will be playing his wife, but he knows that Daniel will be playing a policeman and Zhang Jing will play his girlfriend. Andy will also be dying his hair white because the producer wants him to look more mature. He says that this kind of dying is very tiresome because you have to repeat it every three days. Asked if he is worried about his hair falling out, he says it can't be helped, but he cannot do this until he has shot the cover for his forthcoming album, which will be out after the World Cup.


[The Sun, Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao 03/06/06]

TVB's new series "Lush Fields Happy Days" introduced its characters to the press yesterday at the costume fitting ceremony, that was attended by cast members, including Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Jack Wu, Gigi Wong and Selena Li. Myolie wowed everyone by donning a close fitting white dress and revealing her plumped out figure, complete with a wide waist, big thighs, legs, belly and arms.

Myolie indicated that she has reached a weight of 143 lbs, with a waist measurement of 34 inches and 40 inch hips. Although she refused to measure her bust, she revealed that she has gone up by two cup sizes. For Andy, who in comparison weighs 165 lbs and has a 31.5 inch waist, he was literally feeling the pressure as he held Myolie during the event and he later admitted that she is the heaviest woman he has had to pick up.

Myolie has had to turn down a number of jobs in order to put the weight on, but she says it is all worth it to see everyone's reaction. She tells of how hard it was when she was putting on the weight because she had to hold back on so much to avoid harming her body and this affected her psychologically, making her lose her usually healthy appetite and then depending on drinking nutrition shakes twice a day and avoiding high protein foods.

When Myolie took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, she weighed just 102 lbs, so in gaining the additional 30 lbs, Myolie sympathises with the problems experienced by fat people. She smiles: "Sometimes when I am walking, I will get out of breath. To gain the weight in just two or three months, I have had to have breakfast and supper and eat and sleep, just like women who have just given birth." Is she worried that she will not be able to lose the weight again after filming? She replies that losing weight should be easier than gaining it and TVB have been in touch with various slimming agencies to help. Moreover, Lok Yee Ling has promised that if she cannot lose the weight, then she will have all the future fat characters in TVB series!

Jack Wu will also be playing a fat boy, but he will be using a fake belly and some padding in his cheeks to portray this. He says that he only received the part very recently, so he has not had the time to put weight on properly and as he is a sporty build, then he doesn't think it will be as obvious. He has managed to gain around 10 lbs and has a little belly of his own.

It has been over ten years since Andy last filmed for TVB and in the new series, he will be playing lovers opposite Myolie. He praises Myolie's sacrifice and professionalism in putting on the weight, but says he is unable to do this for fear of this affecting his singing career. He says that when he met Myolie earlier in a meeting, she had asked him if she had gained weight and he was too embarrassed to answer her directly. The press went on to reflect Andy's rumours by asking whether he preferred plump girls (Han Hong) or skinny girls (Sammi Cheng). He thought for a moment before smiling: "Inner beauty is most important because this is what stays with you. One day we will grow old. There are beautiful fat people and ugly thin people, so everyone has their own tastes." Andy will also be singing the theme song to the series as well as being the male lead. He says that it would be great if he could sing the sub-theme as a duet with Myolie because he has heard her singing and she is very good.

Asked why he is returning to TVB to do this series, Andy says because it is not an ancient series. "I can never be an ancient guy! I did wear an ancient costume once before and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I daren't go out and face anyone. The photo was left in the casting department for a long time and no-one asked me for a role. In the heat of summer I'd prefer not to wear a wig, so modern series are a lot more comfortable."


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