Friday, June 30, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 01/07/06]

Louisa So's latest creation "Men in Pain" has seen ratings climbing over time, reaching a peak of 36 points so far and an average of 35 points. At a interview for Metro Radio yesterday, Louisa says happily that she knows the reviews are good: "People find that the show is very funny and I found it was good fun to filmm becuase I have played some strong- and weak-willed characters in the past, but this time it is playing a woman who is a bit nutty and clumsy, so together with Damian Lau's dodgy character look, there is a lot of comedic value and the company has given us a lot of freedom to perform in this show."

As for many rather sensitive subjects being touched on in the show, Louisa says: "At first, I found it very strange why the company would place this show in the family slot at half past eight, maybe the company is very open-minded. (This show's impact has not been as great as 'La Femme Desperado'?) The two series are very different, 'La Femme' has quite a serious subject matter through it, talking about period pains and having children, how women are more sensitive, but men still have their own problems. The two are very different and a bit of variety doesn't matter."


[Ta Kung Pao 01/07/06]

Stephen Fung was out alongside model Lisa S promoting Nokia Mobile Phones yesterday and Stephen even made some short clips with his phone of his four pet cats. He says that he often makes little clips of his cats for children, but he does not make anything sexual. He goes on to praise the functions of the phone, saying that the best thing is when he goes looking for locations, he can immediately video it, without the need for a camera. As the clips from phones are becoming clearer and clearer, is he worried that he will be secretly filmed in the street and this be published on the web? He says that this is unavoidable and sometimes he is still filmed when he is at home.

Stephen's hit TVB series "Stephen's Diary" has an episode where he gets Miriam Yeung drunk, but he denies that he did this because Miriam can take her drink well and is not so easy to get drunk. There is a funny story around the series though, as people have tried to call the number of the mobile phone featured on the show to try and contact guest stars Miriam and Shu Qi. However, the phone actually belongs to the Production Assistant for the show, so Stephen hopes that people will stop disturbing him.


[Em's note: If you haven't watched "Stephen's Diary" yet, then you're missing a scream of a series. It's a satirical look on the real life antics of Stephen and his friends, with their personalities caricatured very cleverly. All the stars play themselves and there are plenty of guests and cameos, including Edmond Leung, Josie Ho, Conroy Chan, Michael Wong, Karen Mok, Hilary Tsui, Miriam Yeung and many others. It had me rolling around laughing and it has definitely been a highlight of my TVB year so far!]

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