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[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 25/06/06]

The sixteen contestants for this years Miss Hong Kong pageant attended an event held by the watch sponsors of the show in Causeway Bay, where the company's CEO Olivier Bernheim presented each of the girls with a Tango watch as a souvenir, worth $9500 each. After the group photograph, Mr Bernheim suddenly tapped Number 14 Lee Wing Chi on the shoulder, scaring her into pulling back.

Afterwards, when asked if she was a little frightened, she replied graciously: "No, he was not brushing my back, just tapping me on the shoulder. (Did you find him very amicable?) I have not thought about this." After tapping the contestant on the shoulder, Mr Bernheim continued to give the MC Ursule Wong a peck on the cheek and forehead, leaving her with a bit of a cold sweat. Afterwards, when asked if she found his actions a little intimidating, she replied: "Foreigners are usually a little warmer. (Do you feel like you are losing out to him?) It's not as though he kissed me on the lips. this is just a polite gesture."

Number 8 Tsui Suk Man was asked whether her boyfriend (ex-husband of former supermodel Janet Ma) has bought her an expensive watch as a birthday present, she replied directly: "No, I usually go out with my boyfriend for a meal on my birthday to celebrate." As for Janet's criticisms of her as not qualifying as a 'model' because she has never walked on a catwalk, Tsui Suk Man says: "I have never done a catwalk show, I am just a photographic model. (Has your boyfriend told you that Janet is his ex-wife?) We have always been very open with each other."

Contestant numbers 9 to 16 were filming yesterday at TVB for a promotional clip and responding to the comments about her having rather thick legs, Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan said: "I have been doing sports since I was young and there will be muscle there, no matter how skinny I am. (Some reports suggest you look like Korean male star Lee Jun Ki?) That is quite funny, but to look like a star is good." Hot favourite Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum was asked if her darker skin tone will put her at a disadvantage, but she replies: "I don't think so, I actually look more special."


[Ta Kung Pao 25/06/06]

Steven Ma, Angela Tong, Charles Szeto and child star Jacky Wong were dressed as characters from the Monkey King story to take part in the opening ceremony for TVB's Children's Festival 2006, held at Olympian City yesterday. As the children's ambassador for the first time this year, Steven reveals that he will be taking a group of kids to Foshan to learn Kung Fu and talking of becoming 'Ma Sir' taking the children on a trip, he says happily: "I am really happy to be Ma Sir. I do love kids anyway, so I will do my best to make them happy."

Afterwards, Ma Sir mentioned the recent reports of Renee Lee, from the teen band cream being photographed in wet clothing, saying how hurt he felt for her: "I am not one to preach high morals, but what that magazine did makes me very angry! That girl is only fourteen and shooting these photos is like a form of molestation. If I was that girl's parents, I would definitely have dragged her out and not let the magazine print this kind of images be published." When it was mentioned that his concern suggests he will be a very strict father in the future, he says straight: "I will definitely be a good father."

Angela appeared dressed as a cute Piggy and she reveals that she has just come back from Canada, where she has been on vacation visiting her family for three weeks. When she was there, she would have five meals a day, so she has even had to have her costume altered to make it loose enough to fit in!


[Ta Kung Pao 25/06/06]

TVB's new series "Forensic Heroes" held a promotional event in a hotel gym yesterday, attended by cast members including Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Frankie Lam, Lai Lok Yi, Vivien Yeo, Fala Chen and June Chan. Among the events, there was a competition between the men had to carry the women on their backs as they used the stepper machines and when Bobby picked up Yoyo, she was constantly sitting up and protecting herself from resting on Bobby's back, but she still ended up revealing her black bra. Vivien on the other hand didn't avoid this and her partner Lok Yi felt the full extent of her chest on his back. As all the ladies were wearing sport tops, they showed off their figures and June Chan was the fullest. When Yoyo went on the stepper machine, she really went for it and there was a press frenzy for photos.

Asked later about how he felt having Vivien's chest pressing up against him, he said: "No feeling, just that the machine was very tiring and anyway, I have a lot of flesh on my back, so we both had a lot to offer. Honestly there was nothing to feel when I was on the machine, maybe I would have felt it if I was standing still." As for the over-enthusiastic Vivien, she laughs: "Of course you have to become absorbed in these games!" She then went on to ask the press whether she had revealed herself and as for Lok Yi's comments about plenty of flesh, she says in agreement: "Yes, with so much in between, there is no feeling. (What things in between?) Tops and t-shirts!" With quite a fit figure, Vivien does some exercise every morning and for yesterday's event, she did 1000 skips before taking part.

Yoyo is often going water-skiing with Lok Yi, but he was showering Vivien with praises, but not Yoyo. However, she did not mind, saying: "He doesn't treat me as a woman, but Vivien really does know how to do a lot of sports, so she has a great figure. I will need to get some tips from her." Although her own figure is not as good as Vivien's, Yoyo has gained a little, going from her slimmest at 102 lbs to 118 lbs now. She says: "I have found that putting on the weight makes me more alert. (Have you gained on bust size?) I have not really studied this, but I will buy some new bras." As for her avoidance of touching Bobby in the game, she laughs that Bobby can be very critical of her so she daren't even pad herself out.

When Bobby heard that Yoyo daren't put in any padding, Bobby laughs: "She did actually, but it made no difference! She is already mature and her body's development is complete. (She will be getting a new set of bras.) She just needs to loosen them a bit, she doesn't need new ones!" When it was suggested that Bobby needs some new t-shirts because his belly seems to have got bigger and he is revealing 'two points', he explains: "When I was in the Philippines filming for 'Casino Crisis', I ate a lot and drank a lot of fizzy drinks, but everyone has nipples. (Will you be loing your belly after filming for "Casino" is complete?) Just go with the flow, if I can lose it, I will."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/06/06]

As the spokesperson for a slimming and beauty company for the eighth year running, Ada Choi was the guest at the opening ceremony for their new store in Tseung Kwan O. Having just renewed her contract with the company, Ada revealed that her fee has gone to seven figures now and she says: "I have worked well with this company all along and we have a good relationship In addition to this, I think I am worth it."

Talking about beauty, Ada loves trying out new products and she says that she has tried a spa treatment that required four people to look after her: "With four people massaging at the same time, the feeling was very grand." Despite the unanimous verdict from all that she is beautiful, Ada still feels she is not at her best: "I suffer from bloatedness, so I tackle it internally and externally to maintain my health. I never used to pay attention to these things, so now I need to raise my own standards."

Asked about her thoughts on the events around Renee Lee from cream having a sexy photoshoot with a magazine, Ada says she has been following the news and feels that this behaviour is not good for the children and teenagers. Maybe the person in question does not think anything of it, but a lot of the time, when you give a interview, it can be twisted. She hopes that the press will reflect on this and promote some more positive and constructive news.



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