Thursday, June 29, 2006

[The Sun 30/06/06]

TVB have released "Forensic Heroes", starring Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung and Frankie Lam at the height of this year's world cup, but this has not affected ratings as they went up again last week, rising to 32 points. No wonder that Bobby has been branded as TVB's warrior every time.

For the tough battle against the football, Bobby lived up to his 'favoured general' as he proves once again that he indeed a lucky star for TVB. With the good ratings last week, Bobby praised his own work, saying: "I don't really take notice of the series results. As an artiste, there are many things that you cannot control. If you have done your part well, then that is enough and although this series is faced against the world cup, it is a good series and I am confident in it."

Bobby has filmed many series over the years and his lead role status is very stable, with his results overseas even stronger. To this Bobby laughs: "I really didn't know that, I just heard it from other people, but idols with talent like me are quite popular!" However, TVB are currently promoting the younger stars such as Ron Ng, Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng, to this Bobby says: "That is a good thing, we need some different new blood. Their appearances are not bad and they have their own styles so with some healthy competition, we will see improvement and this will make TVB very happy." Bobby adds jokingly: "Oh, we need more male leads, so they don't have to keep using talented idols like me!"

As for working with Yoyo on "Forensic Heroes", Bobby has only praises for her, saying: "Yoyo and Jessica Hsuan are very playful, so I am really very happy when I am filming with them. For example, when we have to do a kiss scene, Yoyo will joke and say we need a trial run. She is a lot of fun and only in this way can we build our chemistry together. Also, I have found out that Jessica, Yoyo and me all have the star sign Leo, so no wonder we all get on so well."


[The Sun 30/06/06]

Although the new batch of Miss Hong Kong are soon be selected, for Winnie Shum, who entered the contest two years ago, this is no pressure because in her two years with the company, she has had many opportunities, with one series after another. Although she is not a lead role, she does have a chance to shine each time and she feels that going through the motions to further her career is more suited to her personality.

Winnie has been sent on another mission lately, to take on a part in "The Academy 2" and to tie in with her role, she has been ordered to cut her long locks. "Although I have had long hair since I was young and having it all cut off at once will seem weird and I will miss it, but as an artiste, the most important thing is the needs of the role. Also, she hopes to be in the best form for the filming, so she has been preparing hard, doing jogging and working at the gym when she has time to make sure she can give her best focus during filming.


[The Sun 30/06/06]

Fala Chen and Cecilia Yip were filming for new series "Housewife Army" in a watery scene yesterday and in the hot summer weather, the filming was very slow. Fala handed out ice creams to keep everyone cool before falling into the pool with Cecilia. Fala's swimming skills are not so good though and it took her a long time to get back to the side, screaming for help along the way and taking a few mouthfuls of water with her. Fala's bad luck is not isolated, as she was using electric hair rollers for her own vanity at home and accidentally touched the heating element, leaving her with a blister on her right hand.


[The Sun 30/06/06]

Having been in the industry for two years, Linda Chung has many good friends such as Vivien Yeo and Shirley Yeung, but she has few male friends and says she doesn't like engagements: "You don't need to have many good friends, if you have too many engagements and I am afraid of places where there are too many people. My favourite is to spend a night in with a few friends at my home to chat and do some cooking, this would make me very happy."

Linda's self-preservation instinct is very strong, after a very painful experience, so this leaves her very untrusting of other people: "Since I was tricked, I have become very careful and the feeling of being tricked is difficult to bear and is very painful. To avoid this happening again, I will protect myself." Linda is known for her thriftiness and she would like to save money to buy a home for her and her family in Canada. However, she syas that if she meets a good man, then she will stay in Hong Kong and place her roots here, because she cannot guarantee her beliefs will not change after she finds love.


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