Thursday, June 22, 2006

[The Sun 23/06/06]

TVB series "Casino Wars" has been out filming in the Philippines and the crew, including Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung returned to Hong Kong on Wednesday. Bobby and Tavia were too tired and quickly disappeared after leaving the arrivals area, but Bosco and Michael stuck around to talk to the press as Michael wore the France top that Bosco bought him for his birthday. Bosco revealed that he stayed in a house with Michael and his assistant, so he cooked every day and they have become great friends. Asked if he has been going out at night to find some fun, Bosco says: "There is no nightlife there, just a supermarket."

Bobby and Florence Kwok filmed in the red light district, but they had to keep up their guard because there were both men and women there looking for business, with many men selling Viagra. When someone tried to talk to Florence, the crew immediately stepped in to protect her and they left as soon as they finished filming.


[The Sun 23/06/06]

Winnie Yeung and husband Wong Shui Fan were invited to an event held by Wedgewood yesterday, where they announced that they were expecting their second child. Winnie is currently three months pregnant, but her bump looks like it is nearly five months: "The doctor says that because I have already had a baby, my belly becomes more stretchy and the bump becomes a lot bigger second time round." Winnie reveals that she is finding it a lot harder this time because she is being sick every day and just smelling food makes her nauseous. Luckily she has managed to maintain her weight.


[The Sun 23/06/06]

Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip and Kiki Sheung were filming for TVB series "Housewife Army" yesterday in a scene where Sheren sees some other housewives from the estate dancing and she thinks back to the scene where she met her husband through a dance. Seeing her so absorbed, Kiki and Cecilia push her into showing her moves, but Sheren gets a little too excited and not only loses her shoe, she also ends up twisting her ankle and falling over, needing Kiki and Cecilia to help her up.

Sheren says that it has been over ten years since she last danced and she knows she is bad, but she just had to do it, learning step by step as she went along. As people commented that she was terrible, she laughs: "I know, I really can't dance! You can see that I don't know how to dance, I just like shaking about aimlessly in a disco, but I really can't do this. I also have to do Latin dance - you have to learn the fundamentals of that, you can't just wing it."

Kiki on the other hand has a dancing background and she grabbed Cecilia to do a few moves nearby. She says proudly: "I used to be a Dancing Queen! When I was at school, I entered a competition held by the theatre, doing some modern dance and I won it for three years on the run. They stopped it after that, otherwise I would have won it for a few more years!" Cecilia also admits to be able to dance: "It is good that you can do these dances on the estates, because it shows off the prettier side of the housewives and helps their confidence."


[The Sun 23/06/06]

Soon after their rehearsals yesterday, Miss Hong Kong finalist Wong Ying joined fellow contestant Tsang Shui Shan to go bra shopping in Tsimshatsui, where they went to a lingerie store in Granville Road, trying on various designs for about half an hour before leaving with their chosen items. Afterwards, they went to another bra shop that was having a sale and bought plenty of items without trying them. As well as bras, they went into an outlet shop, where they bought some tops.


[The Sun 23/06/06]

After Sammy Leung and Siu Yee's "Sexual Assault Incident" leading to their suspension from their DJ jobs, their hosting contract with TVB for their quiz show "15/16" has drawn to a close. With TVB building on the good ratings by commissioning another series, they were faced with a problem finding new hosts, as part of the terms of Sammy and Siu Yee's suspension is that they are not allowed to take on any new work until after their term has been served.

TVB Assistant Production Chief Ho Lai Chuen presented the DJ hosts with two little gold coins as a momento and announced that there would be an additional twenty or thirty episodes. "Originally, we had hoped that they could continue to host the show, but the radio station have banned them from taking on new work, so we could not keep them on. The show will keep it's original name, but it will be branded as 'Star Edition', with a guest host every week. We are currently negotiating with Carol Cheng and other people in the pipeline include Eric Tsang, Lawrence Cheng, Nat Chan and Hacken Lee."

As the show shot its final episode for this series yesterday, Sammy and Siu Yee both expressed that they would miss the show. "We will miss the crew, because we have worked together happily. (The show continues, but without you at hosts?) I know it will continue, whether we carry on with it is down to TVB's arrangements with the radio station. If we get the chance to do it again, we will because it is a rare occasion for Sammy and Siu Yee to share dinnertimes with families, so it has been very happy times for us." After "15/16", the duo will be preparing for their stage show as well as their return to the airwaves.


[The Sun 23/06/06]

TVB's coverage of the world cup this year has had plenty of drama of its own as the gossip and rumours have been non-stop about the battles between the show's celebrity anchors Hacken Lee and Lam Man Chung. Despite the two both denying there is any animoscity between them, the reports just keep going on. With Hacken taking some football fans out to Germany to watch a match on behalf of one of his sponsors, the latest allegations are that Man Chung has put himself forward to fill Hacken's seat on the panel. When Hacken was asked about this, he frowned and said: "I don't know and I will not ask. There is nothing and I just want to get on with the show."

Producer Lee Hon Yuen also denied the rumours saying: "I know Chung very well and he has not said anything. Whether or not he will appear on the show is unknown as yet, we haven't been in touch for a little while and I don't know if he will be standing in for Hacken yet."

The target of so many damaging reports, there have been suggestions that his "Talk Show" with Eric Tsang at the Coliseum at the end of the year has been pulled because of his image problems. However, the organisers deny that this is due to Chung's bad press. With so many rumours, Man Chung decided angrily yesterday that he will not be going onto the TVB World Cup show any more and would rather be 'lonely' than be surrounded by rumours. "So much of this has been caused by the magazines not reporting the truth. I just want to do my show well and never imagined that there would be so much gossip. I think I will not go back to TVB's show. (To avoid the rumours?) Yes, with so much gossip, there is no point in going back." As for his talk show being cancelled, Chung says that it was never confirmed and everything is underway, so there is nothing to comment on this.


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao 23/06/06]

The fourteen contestants from TVB's Mr Hong Kong contest, together with last year's winners Matthew Ko and Rocky Cheng were filming on location at the Shatin Fire Station, but filming was cut short after it started raining. Even though they got very wet, the men were very professional and still continued to work in the rain. They were joined by MC's Geena Cheung and Cindy Au.

A news agency has recently received an anonymous email, accusing Number 10 Siu Cheuk Ming of improper behaviour with a sixteen year old girl when he was a teacher in Ma On Shan, leading to his dismissal when he was found out. When he was asked about this yesterday, he denied this, saying that he had already been a PE teacher for five years and the reason he left his job in 1998 was to go to the Hong Kong University to study sports science. Asked about his relationship with his former pupils, he says that as he once led a team to external competitions, they shared a common goal, so they all got on very well.

Siu has been married for six month and asked whether he has had to explain himself to his wife, he says: "My wife did ask why so many people came looking for me, but I did not explain. (Has this affected your relationship?) No. People can say what they like and think what they like. The most important thing is their standards." Siu says that his wife is very support and trusting of him and this is the reason why he loves her. He is not worried about his image being affected by the news, because he feels that this has attracted more attention to him.

A quick search on the net reveals that Siu has taken part in many academic athletics competitions in the past and last year he was a spokesperson for a slimming company after losing 59 lbs, going from 209 lbs to just 150 lbs.

The programme's producer Chin Kwok Wai indicates that he will take steps to look into the matter further and he welcomes any evidence to support this. He believes that if a contestant did commit a crime, then they would have been dealt with by the law. If he has been prosecuted in the past, then he may be forced to pull out from the competition because like the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Mr Hong Kong is quite significant. If there is no criminal case, then there is no need to overreact on an anonymous email.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 23/06/06]

It is Joe Ma's birthday on 26th June and his fan club celebrate with him every year. This year, they booked out a cafe to hold an early birthday party for him and as well as the Hong Kong fan base, there were also fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, North America and the mainland, totalling about 50 people to create quite an atmosphere.

At the party, JOe played games with his fans and in one game, the fans had to act out the names of some of Joe's series. Joe laughs: "I never thought they would remember them faster than I did. One fan from Japan, who sells comics, drew a caricature of me that was very lifelike and cute."

Joe says that the reason they are celebrating early is that he will be heading back to France to spend his birthday with his family and stay for around a month. Joe laughs: "I will be on a spending spree in France, buying myself plenty of birthday presents. If time permits, I hope to have another party with my fans in December, so I hope that more members will take part." As for fans suggestions for next year's party to be through the night in a Karaoke bar, Joe says that if he doesn't work, he will be up for it.


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