Wednesday, June 21, 2006

[The Sun 22/06/06]

Martial arts expert and dedicated actor Yuen Biao really showed his beef as he filmed in a burning building scene with Mark Kwok for new series "Psychic Cop" earlier. With his great experience in action scenes, Yuen also acted as a consultant director, aiding with the scene's smooth running. The scene tells of Yuen running into the building, risking his own life to rescue Mark. As the fire in the scene was particularly fierce, his good advice came in handy for all involved.

For his safety, Yuen had covered himself with fireproofing cream, but as the fire was very intense, as well as his absorption into his performance, Yuen suffered some slight burns to his back. He says: "From my experience, filming these scenes, you have to be able to bear the heat as well as keep your wits about you, so I had plenty of rest beforehand." Yuen also commented that the safety precautions are much stricter now than they used to be, so there is no need to be too worried, but he did smell something burning afterwards, so he had to get a shower and clean any wounds thoroughly.

Yuen has filmed many dangerous scenes before, so there is little difficulty for him in fire scenes. He says: "I am used to seeing this now and I follow all the safety procedures, so there is no problem." As for his wife, he smiles: "She knows that there is danger in any shoot, even kissing scenes have their risks because you can end up biting your tongue!"


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