Monday, June 19, 2006

[The Sun 20/06/06]

Michael Tse and Sheren Tang were filming earlier for new series "Housewife Army" in a scene where Sheren suspects husband Michael is having an affair, so she follows him, but is shocked to find her him walking out of a convenience store dressed as a woman. In a 'Lolita' costume, Michael attracted quite a crowd to watch him and some real housewives commented on how pretty he looked. A foreigner was intrigued and couldn't stop staring at him, scaring Michael into running back into the shop. Michael says that he can't stand his drag look: "I am just shivering all over! I have played a camp character before, but this is a first time for me in full drag and I have even shaved my legs for it." As for his 42F bust, Michael jokes: "There is a lot of padding stuffed in there and even breathing is hard work because it feels like it is pressing on my chest, but when I saw that western guy staring at me, it proves that I have some attraction towards men!"


L-R: Lee Wing Chi (New York), Wong Ying, Cheng Wing Sum, Tse Shan, Chow Ka Wai (Toronto)

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 20/06/06]

TVB's Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2006 will be held on 12th August and the sixteen finalists were called into TVB City yesterday to meet each other, hear the rules, have their measurements taken and pick their numbers. They also met with the hair and image stylists to prepare for their official meeting with the press on Friday. The four overseas contestants also met the media for the first time, but the quality was not as high as the girls from abroad in past years. Among them, wearing a red low V cut dress was Lee Wing Chi from New York, who stood out from the rest with her great figure and beaming smile and challenging local favourite Wong Ying. Making a change from her usually conservative appearance, Tse Shan showed off a little of her chest. The other overseas contestants are Chow Wing Yi from Los Angeles, and Cheng Ka Man and Chow Ka Wai from Toronto.

As for the three hot favourites, Cheng Wing Sum, Tsui Suk Man and Lui Wai Yee, Cheng stole the show with her little strappy dress and after seeming a little exhausted and spotty earlier, Tsui was also back on form, but her choice of outfit wasn't as eyecatching as Cheng. Lui wore her green dress that she has previously been sighted in, showing she is quite thrifty with her clothes. The funniest sight of the day was Lee Wing Sze, who had thick make up on and kept her mouth closed as she forced a smile and was likened to a paper doll. Maybe she was too nervous and because she seemed to have some rather sweaty armpits! Tsang Shui Shan has previously been noted as looking rather masculine, but she appears to have made an improvement yesterday, wearing a strappy top and some make up, adding a little more femininity.


[The Sun, Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao 20/06/06]

This years Mr Hong Kong contestants were out filming on location in Wanchai's Golden Bauhinia Square yesterday having an open air yoga lesson with Margaret Chung. Last year's winner Matthew Ko and 'Big Guy' Rocky Cheng were also there to join in as they attracted quite a crowd of onlookers.

Margaret says that her yoga class to help the men train their balance. She says: "I am responsible for teaching seven of them ('Style' group) some yoga. The other group would not take part to start with because they are bigger and find it more difficult, but I forced them to join in anyway." The larger men, such as Rocky did seem to find the exercises difficult and when Margaret was asked whether it is easier for women, she replied: "No, people think that yoga is easier for women because their bodies are more flexible, but many men do it as well. Maybe Rocky was just a little impatient today."

In the rules this year, Rocky and Matthew will be back to contest their titles and asked if he is confident in keeping his title, Matthew said: "I am confident and have been getting fit. Last year I was only 158 lbs when I took part, but this year I am at 175 lbs. Even if I am filming, I am still exercising every day, doing press ups, weights and dancing. (Will you win three years on the run?) I don't know, but if I stay on for three years or ten years, I will still do it!" Asked if he felt that this years contestants are very ordinary, he says diplomatically that everyone has their own opinions and everyone is very standard.

There have been rumours that one of this years contestants was previously involved in a sexual harrassment case and almost landed himself in trouble with the police. When the person in question was asked about this, he said that he was under contract from TVB not to comment on these reports, but adds: "There will be stories, but if there was anything, then I would be in prison."


[Ta Kung Pao 20/06/06]

TVB began airing two new series last week: "Men in Pain" and "Forensic Heroes", but both series only managed average ratings of 28 points, with "Men" peaking at 29 points and "Forensic" peaking at thirty. This was three points down on last week, proving that the high ratings achieved by the "Dance of Passion" finale were no help to the new series. However, for first week ratings, this is quite reasonable.

The weekend ratings made better reading as the popular "Beautiful Cooking" gained two points, reaching an average of 30 points and a peak of 33 points. "Stephen's Diary" also went up by three points, reaching 19 points. "Justice for All" stayed level, keeping its 24 points.


[The Sun 20/06/06]

After getting married, Kenix Kwok's schedule has been packed with jobs, but on the annual celebration of Fathers Day, Kenix and husband Frankie Lam still take time to be the filial son and daughter as they joined up with their brothers and sisters to take Kenix's father out for a meal at a high class restaurant in Causeway Bay. Kenix and Frankie arrived at around half past six, but their parents had already arrived and they had a lovely time before leaving at around 8pm.

There have been reports that Kenix's father has met with financial difficulties with his business and has had to mortgage his apartment to raise the cash. Speaking on the phone yesterday, Kenix clarified the matter on behalf of her father: "My dad is not annoyed by this and has stayed very calm, instructing his lawyers to start proceedings against the magazine for libel." Kenix has had her fair share of gossip lately with the rumours that she has been conned of her apartment and then the latest allegations of her seeing a foreign woman fainting and ignoring her. Kenix seemed rather unhappy about this and said: "They have made it all up and it is just like the magazine who just says whatever they want to. My mother and I didn't see anything and they could have said I was stealing off her. I am innocent and it is affecting my image."


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