Friday, June 16, 2006

[The Sun 17/06/06]

Raymond Lam has given Tammy Chen a screen first as he appears half naked in a kissing scene. Filming in a Suzhou hotel for mainland series "Love's New Breath", Raymond appeared shirtless, outshining Tammy in the sexiness stakes. Although they both have numerous kissing scenes in the series, Raymond is still very nervous: "I feel warmer after I have taken my clothes off! After all, this is a 'bed scene' and Tammy is so hot! (Any natural reflexes?) No! Everyone is very professional and I have not thought about these things." Raymond laughs that he is too absorbed into the shoot and he doesn't notice the coffee taste from her mouth.

Although Ray is sexier than Tammy, the show was actually stolen by an ulcer on her lips and Raymond teased her saying: "If I burst her ulcer, then I will just swallow it! I can't just tell the director to cut. I really didn't know what to do, I should have asked her to burst it first before shooting the scene." When it was mentioned that he is looking a little plump, Raymond says: "I don't have time to go to the gym, so I have put on about two or three pounds."


[The Sun 17/06/06]

TVB may not have got the rights to air all of the World Cup Games, but this has not reduced the entertainment value of its football shows as the animoscity between the hosts and the guests seems to keep growing and the gossip is rife. After reports that Hacken Lee has been accused of 'acting big brother' annoying veteran commentator Spencer Lam and the rather loose comments aimed at guests from Lam Man Chung, the latest episode in the story rests upon Hacken poking fun at Man Chung, saying that his views 'do not represent that of the company'. Not to be outdone, Man Chung seems to be ignoring Hacken's commentary, either turning away when he is talking or pretending to talk to a guest.

Reports suggest that the rift between Hacken and Man Chung stem from the last World Cup, when a playful Hacken sprayed champagne onto a LV bag that Man Chung's wife Chan Ling Li had bought him for his birthday. Further conflict on the pitch as they play for the Celebrity Football team have fuelled this and this has culminated in the recent match of words on the screen.

In response to the allegations of his battles with Hacken, Man Chung says: "I have been fine all along, we are just working. His comments were his form of humour and my role is to help build up some atmosphere and if someone is there to co-ordinate with me,then it is even better. The producer has told me I can say what I like." As for the incident with Sharon Kwok, Man Chung apologises profusely, saying: "If I caused a misunderstanding, I am sorry. That is all it is, I was referring to the little golden balls from the sponsors and not talking about her figure." As this comment was made off-camera, there are suspicions that someone from the crew is tipping off the press and Man Chung says: "I will not theorise or pursue the origin of this gossip."

On the other side, Hacken refused to comment to avoid a rally of dialogue causing the incident to snowball. He just explained: "Hong Kong is a place of freedom and the guests have the right to say what they think, I cannot control this. As a host, I have a responsibility to make sure that if there are any dangerous comments made, that I make the company's position clear. I am not targeting anyone, just the incident."

Co-host Chung Chi Kwong supports both parties, saying: "Before the mics are on, Hacken and Man Chung are always chatting about which team to back and it is Uncle Spencer who is the quiet one, not because he is unhappy, but because he is preparing himself quietly. This is his personality and his remark of 'Is it my turn to talk now?' was just keeping in the spirit of things and there is no animoscity." As for the show's producer Lee Hon Yuen, he also says that the two are fine: "Hacken is a worldly guy, he would not upset anyone. I don't think they were unhappy about the champagne incident four years ago and he is right in making the situation clear when there are sensitive comments made. There is no victimisation and I will not stop Man Chung from being a guest on the show."


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