Thursday, June 15, 2006

[The Sun 16/06/06]

Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Steven Ma and veteran actor Elliot Yue (aka Ngok Wa) were filming on location earlier for new series "Operation Breakthrough", during which they all showered each other with praises about their acting talent.

For the younger cast members, working with a respected veteran actor such as Elliot was a memorable occasion and although he has not filmed a series for over ten years, his acting talent is still acute and he was right into character as soon as the cameras rolled. He was very polite and praised his junior co-stars for being very hardworking and in no way inferior to many more experienced actors. He got on particularly well with Bernice, who originates from Canada, where Elliot has been residing and Bernice was a little shocked when she found out that Elliot knew about her: "I don't know him at all, but he remembers me taking part in a beauty contest in Vancouver. I think he is very absorbed when he is acting and he is very skilful. (Is there any pressure working with your seniors?) No, I hope I can learn a lot from him and he is very amicable."

Ron was also full of praises at working with Elliot and Steven for the first time: "I remember watching Elliot in 'Looking Back in Anger' and I admire him for still being able to get straight back into acting after over ten years away. I would never have guessed how witty and humourous Steven is and after five years away from modern series, he is still as good looking!"

After receiving so much good feedback from his juniors, Elliot was asked about the fact that the last series that he filmed was with the 'Old Five Tigers', but this time after ten years, he is back filming with Ron and Kenneth Ma from the 'New Five Tigers', but he says he doesn't know. "I didn't know that TVB had 'New Five Tigers', but I have watched their series when I was in Vancouver and they are very natural. They all have great potential and work hard to get into the roles. (Are you getting used to it again after so long?) Yes, apart from the hot weather. (Will you continue filming series?) We'll see how it goes now."


[The Sun 16/06/06]

Joyce Tang has recently shot a series of ads for a Guangzhou Beauty Salon and as this is the second year she has worked with them, her fee has risen and she laughs happily: "Of course it has gone up. As well as the TV and stills ads, I have had plenty of openings to do, because this chain is one of the top ten beauty companies in the country, with thirty branches throughout China. I had to open over ten stores this year, so I get more money for each one."

Little wonder that Joyce has gone all out for this set of ads, with different images such as 'angel', revealing her shoulders, low cut tops and showing off her waist, one shot is of her lying on a glass mirror, showing off all her curves. Asked if she will be heading down the sexy image route from now on, she shakes her head and says: "It's not that sexy, just a healthy image. As I have worked with them before, then I am confident with them and the image, so I will not put my reputation at stake."

There was one point where Joyce overdid the slimming and got down to just 105 lbs. Although everyone praised how fit she looked, her bones were showing and where most people have their fat airbrushed out for their photographs, she was having her bones edited because they would show in the photos. Asked if she was worried about losing her breasts as well, she laughs: "No they are still there. She says that although this is a Mainland company, all of the machines are imported from Germany, so she is very confident with them."


[The Sun 16/06/06]

What do Yoyo Mung and Lai Lok Yi have in common? Well it turns out that they both loves to go to the dry ski slope for a spot of snowboarding and despite a few falls, the two big kids still had a lot of fun!

Yoyo and Lok Yi became friends on the set of "Forensic Heroes" and they are both very active, so they got together earlier to go and try snowboarding. Although there was a lot of falling about, they had a great time. For Yoyo who has a great love of sport, including badminton and waterskiing, she has quickly become hooked on snowboarding as well: "At first, I was falling over all the time, but maybe because I have put some weight onto my bum, so it didn't hurt too much and I am just having lots of fun. I will soon be going skiing with some friends, so I am practising now to avoid embarrassing myself." In "Forensic Heroes", Yoyo plays a female detective for the first time and her character has to run around and climb walls in a very courageous role. She says excitedly: "I have wanted to be a 'Madam' for a long time now. The image is quite cool and I hope that working with Bobby Au Yeung again will bring good ratings. (Are you worried that there will be an effect from the World Cup?) I am confident with the show."

In the series, Lok Yi plays a man who does every bad thing in the book and this is very different from his normally good characters. Having been promoted by TVB alongside Ron Ng and Bosco Wong, Lok Yi feels that his low profile personality has been an obstacle to his development: "I understand that if I don't have much news, but to have less negative press is a good thing to me. I will not compare myself with others, the showbiz industry is about patience and perseverance, if it is not good today, it doesn't mean that things won't get better in the future. Many success stories take time and experience to emerge."


[The Sun 16/06/06]

After the earlier reports about her going to karaoke with Raymond Lam, Fala Chen has been spotted with singer Vincent Wong coming out of a karaoke bar in Causeway Bay, again sparking rumours that the two have started dating after working together in a music show. When Fala was asked about this, she denied the rumours, saying: "No, we were just practising our singing and there were other people there from his record company. We are just colleagues and don't call each other." Vincent also said that he was just practising singing with Fala: "She is a good girl and Miss Chinese International, I am no match for her, we are just good friends. I don't know what will happen in the future, but I daren't pursue her and just see her as a good friend. I am afraid that if I push too hard, it will affect our friendship."


[The Sun 16/06/06]

Lam Man Chung has always been known for his goofs, but he was criticised for being too cheeky as he made some double-edged comments about guest Sharon Kwok on a recent World Cup programme.

Man Chung is known as a joker and on the show in question, he was a guest host and when Sharon was asked if she had been watching the football, he laughed cheekily: "Have you been watching your own balls?" When he was asked about this incident, Man Chung says: "I did not say this to Sharon in the show. This is not the first time I have hosted this show and I know my limits. We are both adults, so I would not have said this. I joke to raise an atmosphere, but if this makes people unhappy, then I am sorry."

As for Sharon, she says: "I don't really remember if Chung said this, but I know he can't be taken seriously, so I don't think much of what he says and it just passes in one ear and out the other. I just treat him as a six or seven year old child. My fifteen year old son is more serious than he is, but this is what he does for a living and if TVB aren't bothered, then it's not my business, after all it wasn't a profanity."

TVB Sports programming producer Lee Hon Yuen indicates that he did not notice Man Chung making this comment to Sharon, but he has asked Chung to tone things down before: "Chung was talking about the South African game and he mentioned something about having 'black faces' when they lost. I felt this was not appropriate, so I told him to be more careful."


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