Sunday, June 11, 2006

[The Sun 12/06/06]

Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip and Kiki Sheung were filming for "Housewife Army" yesterday in a scene where they are worrying over their children's school places and Sheren was showing off as she was visited on set by her godson, saying: "You don't need to have your own children, godchildren are fine!" She also reveals that she has been filming some scenes where she has to look after some babies, which have been particularly tiring. Asked if she has been put off having children by this, she says: "I am a little afraid, but I cannot go to the extreme that I will not have them. I have to keep this road open for myself, if I find a 'him' that I like, then I don't want to scare him off." For Kiki, who shot a slimming ad earlier on, she has gone back to playing a 'plump housewife' again. She laughs: "Making money is most important, I went against the producer's requests earlier by taking on the ad, then I had to put on 5 lbs again to film and will lose it again later! We will be filming a swimsuit scene later, but I will be wearing a one-piece, there is nothing special about it."


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