Saturday, June 10, 2006

[The Sun 09/06/06]

The twelve finalists for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant is revealed as the three hot favourites Tsui Suk Man, Cheng Wing Sum and Lui Wai Yee appear to have made it through easily. In a 'Survivor-style' elimination session at the Pak Tam Chung camp where the girls have been undergoing training, judges Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng and Olivia Cheng made their choices and sent nine of the girls home. The girls were very nervous as they awaited the results in the camp that was built exactly in the style of the 'Survivor' councils.

In addition to the three favourites, the other girls who made it through to join the overseas contestants in the final include: Chan Yan Mei, Chan Man Fong, Lee Sze Wing, Yuen Yee, Tse Wing Shan, Tsang Oi Mei, Yau Wing Yan and Tsang Shui Shan. After the results were announced, the girls who didn't make it were so emotional that there were a lot of tears.

TVB had arranged for six cars to take the girls home afterwards and wearing a very low cut top, Cheng Wing Sum was particularly eyecatching as she left, talking on her phone constantly, sharing the good news with her friends and family. Fellow favourites Tsui Suk Shan and Lui Wai Yee left together, proving that friendship comes first and competition is second place.

Carol indicates that she is very pleased with the twelve finalists: "These twelve girls are the result of discussions between the three of us, so all our favourites are in there."


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