Thursday, June 08, 2006

[The Sun 09/06/06]

Selena Li has recently been back to Canada on vacation and faced with so much good food, such as cheesecake, hamburgers, steak and chips, she has been indulging herself somewhat and gaining some weight. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she found out that she has been cast to new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" to play a 90 lb sweetheart, so she has been instructed by the producer to lose 10 lbs in 10 days in complete contrast to her co-star Myolie Wu.

Receiving this instruction to lose so much weight in such a short time, Selena is feeling the pressure a little and is currently seeking some ways to detox and lose her weight gain from Canada in a short time.

Selena says: "If I had known before that I had to play this role, then I would not have let myself go so much in Canada. I really miss the food there, so from touching down to taking off again, I made the most of it and ate non-stop. Ten pounds in ten days - I am worried I cannot do it. I am spending every day at the beauty centre on the slimming machines and following my diet carefully as well as stopping myself from eating after 6pm. I eat a lot usually, so this is quite difficult. I hope I can reach the target before I start work."

The main aim of Selena's trip back to Canada was to give her mum a surprise and she says: "On Mothers Day, I suddenly appeared before her and shocked her. She was both surprised and happy and on that day we went to see the falls. I was stuck to my mum for two days just enjoying ourselves and eating, so my heart is wide and my body is fat!"


[The Sun 09/06/06]

Shirley Yeung is currently busy filming for "Operation Breakthrough". As this is the first time she will play the bad guy, she says that after just several days of filming, she has been shouting so much that her voice is hoarse: "My role in this series is very different from my previous roles. I am no longer the good girl and I go to the extreme when I am angry. In one scene, I find out that my dad (played by Lee Kwok Lun) is sent to prison for illegal gambling, I am furious and I scold him as loudly as I can. Now I have to speak quietly to rest my voice. This role is a great challenge for me because I think my character in the show is quite nasty and I am going against my conscience to play the role. Luckily I have a lot of seniors working with me, who are teaching me to look at characters from different perspectives. The results aren't bad and I am quite pleased."


[The Sun 09/06/06]

Sharon Chan has a song in the recent TVB album "Lady in Red" and to improve her future performances, she has sought instruction from a singing teacher: "I have been keeping my lessons going all along, but sometimes I am too busy and don't have enough time to go for practice. I am also planning to take dancing lessons because this can help with my rhythm, which is useful for singing." However, for Sharon, the most urgent thing is to take time out for an operation. She says: "I am over 1000 degrees short-sighted and wearing contact lenses for long periods of times when I am filming makes my eyes swollen and infected. When one eye recovers, the other one becomes infected. Once, my contact lens was so dry that it fell out. It is very tiresome, so I will be taking two weeks off work next month before I start filming again to go and have laser eye surgery." Hard-working Sharon says that whenever she has time, she will go and do some short term drama classes as she will not let herself waste time.


[Wen Wei Po 09/06/06]

Although Bosco was born in "France" [hospital], his favourite football team is not France as he says: "My favourite team is Holland because I like their all-round footballing personality. Holland puts a lot of emphasis on the team as a whole and their players are not selfish. I really like this team!" Apart from Holland, Bosco is also familiar with the England team and he thinks that England's Joe Cole is taking a more important role in his own team Chelsea and also for the country, so he will be making a difference in this year's World Cup.


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