Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[The Sun 07/06/06]

Gigi Lai plays a not-so-pretty girl in new series "Psychic Cop", but she still manages to win her man. Wearing her braces, Gigi filmed a kissing scene earlier with Kevin Cheng, she admitted she was so nervous that she kept fluffing her lines. Gigi is making such a great sacrifice for this series, having to kiss both Kevin and Moses Chan!

The story tells of Gigi's character splitting up with Moses, but then immediately becoming the object of Kevin's affections as he presents her with a rose and a kiss to show his love. Filming in Tsuen Wan, Gigi kept making mistakes with her lines and even the director kept telling her not to be so nervous. As they were filming next to the sea, the sea breeze playing with Gigi's skirt added an extra romance to the scene.

Asked if she was so nervous because of Kevin being too handsome, Gigi laughed: "More like I am too beautiful, losing out to him! It's not the first time I have done a kiss scene and it is romantic and not sexual, so there is nothing to be excited about. It was just difficult to say my lines properly wearing my brace. (How does it feel with the brace in your mouth?) It pokes me a bit. I am sacrificing so much, having to kiss Kevin and Moses too!"

Gigi says that she is very pleased with her character because she plays an ugly girl being pursued by two handsome men, even changing Kevin's character from gay to straight. She says: "As you grow up, you realise that there is more than just looks. Inner beauty can find you handsome men like Kevin!"

Kevin had prepared for the scene by having some mints and working things out with Gigi: "You have to be clear when you film these scenes, but this was a very controlled kiss! Kissing Gigi for the first time, can't be too rough!"


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