Monday, June 05, 2006

[The Sun 06/06/06]

The fourteen Mr Hong Kong finalists were split into two groups and sent to a stylist in Central. Most of them looked studious as they arrived, but after their makeover, they emerged looking like "Mongkok Yobs" and Anthony Chan Yau's son Chan Leung Wai had died his hair a golden blonde colour, very scary!

Another 'long haired man' took five hours for his transformation and asked whether he was happy with his new hairstyle, he said he was very happy. During the makeovers, the stylist had a full consultation with the men and reached total agreement before they made the cut.


[The Sun 06/06/06]

On the Sixth Day of the Sixth Month of the Sixth Year... the devil is reborn. So on this special day that only comes around once every hundred years, the remake of "The Omen" is premiering at 06:06 and with many artistes too afraid to take part, Rain Li will be attending, with garlic and a good luck charm in her pocket to ward away the evil. Meanwhile, Yoyo Mung will be telling people: "I Love You!" in an attempt to turn evil into love!

Hollywood horror movie "The Omen" has been the talk of the town on this unusual date and the film's promoters had invited many stars to attend the premiere, but many of them declined out of fear or superstition. Lily Lei was one example, who wanted to attend at first, but was not allowed to by her husband who was worried about her. She says: "My husband says that that date is unlucky and to wait until is home before I can watch it. I think I will be holding a crucifix as I watch."

Rain Li on the other hand is boldly accepting the invitation, but despite saying bravely that she is not scared and loves watching horror movies, she will still be carrying a lucky charm. She says: "I will take garlic in to ward away evil, just treat it like an accessory or a necklace!" For Sheila Chan who will not be accepting the invitation, she syas: "At first I did want to go, but I finally managed to get tickets to go and see Lau Ka Cheung instead, so I will be a good girl and take my mother to the concert. I am filial, so God will look after me, so I am not afraid of evil spirits." In order to calm the nerves of the audience, the promoters will be handing out crucifixes to the audience.

For Yoyo Mung, who is a Christian, she will be able to withstand the evil. She says: "If there really is a day, then I will say 'I love you!' to everyone and maybe say 'I really care for you!' to the people I care for."


[The Sun 06/06/06]

After splitting up with her latest boyfriend Woo Man San following a short romance, Fiona Yuen had lost a little weight from being upset, but after a few months, she is no longer lonely as she enjoys single life again. Joining up with a few girlfriends for dinner and red wine earlier, she enjoyed a good time before keeping within the law and getting a taxi home.

Fiona arrived at the venue at around 8pm, wearing light make-up, around six or seven friends joined her in a party mood. During the meal, red wine was served, but Fiona can take her alcohol and she shared many glasses without showing the effects. The group left at around midnight and a slightly flushed Fiona seemed reluctant to go home, continuing to chat with her friends in the street, giving each of the girls a goodbye kiss before jumping into a taxi.

When the reporters later called Fiona, she indicated that she will soon be flying out to Germany for the world cup coverage, so she will be away for over a month and so she decided to meet her friends before she went. She says: "I will be away for a month, so they decided to see me off." Asked if she has a new romance yet, Fiona says: "I am not dating at the moment, still single. You don't have to be dating to be happy. Going out with a big group of friends for dinner can also make me very happy! I had planned to drink a little that night so I would rather take a taxi than drive my own car."


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