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[The Sun 05/06/06]

TVB series "Dance of Passion" has had mountains of promotion since its release, but the reviews have been mediocre and the ratings have fallen. In an attempt to push up the ratings for the last episode,TVB have changed the scheduling of the last two episodes from the 12th and 13th of June into one double bill episode on Monday 12th June. In addition to this, Moses Chan and Bowie Lam will be taking part in a special show for "Dance of Passion Night" discussing the show with viewers after the final episode. This will take the place of quiz show "15/16" for that night. As for the series following "Dance", which is "Forensic Heroes" and also "The Pain of Men" which takes over from "Trimming Success" will both begin airing on 13th June.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 05/06/06]

Rain Li, Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu and Bosco Wong were among the stars attending TVB's World Cup show recording yesterday. During the shoot, Nancy played football with her dad, who turns out to be the coach for the Hong Kong Youth Soccer team. Nancy says that when she was young, she often went to watch her dad play, so she has picked up some skills herself, so she was warming up with her dad yesterday.

As Rain and Sharon look so similar, like sisters, they revealed that during filming of "Dream of Colours", they had already adopted each other as sisters. As Sharon is a little older than Rain, she has become the big sister: "At the time, Rain often slept over at my place after work because I live in Tseung Kwan O, so we would chat and eat together and were very happy. She loves her food though and can eat several cup noodles and a few bottles of soda, so she nearly ate all the food in my house, but she doesn't put any weight on." Another coincidence is that they have both had rumours linking them with Raymond Lam, but Sharon quickly points out: "We are just friends and we have the same manager, so we youngsters just get on really well together."

Sports commentator Spencer Lam will be retiring soon, so TVB have been looking for someone to replace his position and he believes that TVB's selection will be good. Asked if he is really retiring, he replies swiftly: "Yes, I will be doing voluntary work after I retire, there is no reason to work to my dying day." As for the reports that the recent internet clip 'Bus Uncle' has a similar voice to him, Spencer says: "Someone asked me about this before, but I did not respond. I have no family so I wouldn't be heading into Yuen Long so late at night." He believes that these people have a motive and hearing that this uncle wants to run for Chief Executive, Spencer says: "I wish him success, he is quite remarkable, finding a girlfriend just like that, I will just laugh at him." Fiona Yuen and Lam Man Chung were also at the event - do they have their eye on Spencer's job perhaps?


Em's note: If you don't know what "Bus Uncle" is all about, then take a look at this link and all will be revealed: Hong Kong Bus Uncle

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 05/06/06]

Carol Cheng's legal quiz show was filming yesterday, with guest stars including Maple Hui, Ricky Hui, Woo Mei Yi, Queenie Chu and Heidi Chu. With some magazines digging out old rumours that Carol has had plastic surgery, she refused to discuss this when the press asked her about it and said angrily: "What's the point of responding? It is not true. (Have you seen the reports?) No, I will not reply to these things. If I do, it goes against my principles."

Maple has been busy doing stage appearances in the mainland recently and she tells of how her son was left with a maid whilst she and husband Jimmy Wong were out working in Fujian, when he developed a fever and she was so worried. She sighs that being a mother and having to work as well as look after children is very hard work. Her son will be entering kindergarten this year and she had originally planned to send him to a school in Kowloon Tong, but because they live in Yuen Long, she has decided to let him go to school there to avoid the long journey. Asked if she would have another child, she says: "I would like a daughter, but people say that my son is very masculine and this means the next one will be a boy, so I am still in two minds."

With both Miss Chu's having been romantically linked with Joey Leung in the press, when they met up yesterday, Queenie said she was not embarrassed because they will always meet up as they are working for the same company. She is also happy that TVB have still given her plenty of opportunities after the earlier 'shaking car' scandal, allowing her to film in series as well as host her own show on TVB Pay Vision. She is currently filming for "Casino Wars", where she plays a beautiful gambling expert. She smiles: "I only know how to play the children's card games myself, so I did not know about the other games. Luckily I only have to place some gambling props before me and look cool, so that is okay." To repay TVB's well treatment, Queenie will be working even harder to do her job well in the future.


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