Thursday, June 01, 2006

[The Sun 02/06/06]

In new series "Trimming Success", Sharon Chan plays a girl who is money-hungry, but also a big spender, but in real life, she is very careful with money because she has to pay for her apartment and her car, so with such a great burden, every penny is under close scrutiny.

Sharon's character in the show enjoys all the benefits of being rich, able to splash out on anything that takes her fancy, buying designer gear and living a luxury life. Sharon's real life is very different from this as she admits that she is very shrewd with money because every month, she has to make payments for so many things. She says: "Everyone loves pretty designer clothes, but this is a matter of your values and I have never been a follower. I am very ordinary usually and only wear designer clothes when I am at a function, accessorising with my own gear without any problems. It doesn't all have to be designer."

On the other hand, Sharon is not a greedy person and asked if her friends are greedy, she says openly that there are no greedy people around her, but they do share a common passion and that is shopping! Although Sharon admits sh is not rich, but she will never depend on her boyfriend and nor will she spend his money: "I have always been financially independent and don't like spending other people's money. In the past, I would prefer my boyfriends to give me gifts that they have made themselves rather than something they have bought because this is more sincere and precious. If the gift is too expensive, then I would feel awkward accepting it."


[The Sun 02/06/06]

Matthew Ko has tanned himself up recently for his role in new series "Psychic Cop", where he plays a police officer. Visiting the tanning salon to bronze up, Matthew says: "I want to give people a stronger image, so I have been going to the sunbeds often to get tanned and look more masculine!"

Matthew's childhood dream was to become a police officer, so he is often checking out the prop guns between takes: "When I was young, I thought the police were very cool and I did think about joining the force. When I was growing up in Canada, I have been to a gun club to fire real guns and my aim isn't bad!" He will soon be taking part in new series "Lush Fields Happy Times", where he plays a rich, handsome and talented young man, who has a secret crush on female lead Myolie Wu.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/06/06]

Michael Tong was at the Shatin Driving School yesterday, taking his basic motorcycle test. Although it was raining, Michael still passed the test and will soon be taking his road test. He says that when he was practising, he would drive quite fast, but as soon as he saw the examiner wearing a uniform, his heartbeat grew faster and slowed his pace during the test. Luckily the examiner had a sense of humour and laughed: "You're under pressure, but so am I. I will not go easy on you, nor will I make it hard." Michael says that he was more nervous than his first date.

To have a motorcycle licence has been a dream for Michael and when he was studying abroad, he rode without a licence. Afterwards, when he returned to Hong Kong, he was often required to ride a motorbike whilst filming, so he hopes that having a licence will help his work. He adds that his parents are very supportive because his mother used to be a street girl herself, but she has warned him to be careful. Is he thinking of buying himself a bike? Michael says that he hopes to buy himself a Harley because he thinks they are very stylish, but he needs to work out his body to match. He will have to save hard though because Harleys aren't cheap.


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 02/06/06]

After the lead of Adam Cheng and Kevin Cheng, TVB's subscription channels have sought Lai Lok Yi as the next star of their promotional video. The clip tells of a young person falling, so in the ten hours of filming, Lok Yi had to be suspended and dropped over twenty times and plummeting from over 30 feet to the ground, he had to give the right expressions as well as follow the choreographed actions, so it was quite an exhilarating time for him. Fortunately Lok Yi goes jogging and to the gym every day, so he took it all in his stride.

For this advertisement clip, the production team had many meetings to discuss the matter of safety, so Lok Yi was very confident in following the director's instructions, rising and falling and swinging from side to side, it felt like he was falling from a building. Despite all the safety procedures, the wires bring with them some unavoidable injuries. Lok Yi says: "Because all the force is gathered around my waist, it makes the area quite painful. A little injury is not a problem, the most important thing is for the company to give me the opportunity and the fee isn't bad either."


[Ta Kung Pao 02/06/06]

Maria Chan has been signed to be the spokesperson for German sports equipment company Kettler and in the ads, she will have many different images. On the day of the shoot, Maria wanted the best results, so she put up with being blasted by a big fan for three hours and posed in many different positions. In the end, her eyes became red and painful, so she had to take a half hour rest break before she could continue. After the ten hour shoot, Maria received a six-figure fee as well as sponsorship of equipment for her manager and her family. Maria responded happily, saying: "This is the first time I have had a six-figure fee since I have been shooting advertisements and the sponsors have been very generous in providing me with a running machine and exercise bike. Usually I am too busy to do any exercise, but now I can do it at home and don't need to go to a gym, so it is much more convenient."


[Ta Kung Pao 02/06/06]

Bernice Liu was taking part in a promotional event for a cosmetics company yesterday and she took on the role of make-up artist to help make up the models, seeming very professional. She laughs that she rarely helps other people with their make-up and even when she does her own, she prefers the more natural look. She did her own make-up for the show yesterday. An advertising board at the event showed a picture of Korean star Jeon Ji-hyeon and Bernice commented she was very envious because the photo was very pretty and she wishes to become a cosmetics spokesperson too.

Bernice reveals that she only learned to use make-up after she entered the industry and before that, she had sometimes ended up with different shades of blusher and eyeshadow on each side of her face, so she leaves it to the professionals when she is filming. Is her face presentable without make-up? Bernice laughs that it is okay and thinks people will still recognise her. Does she mind men who use make-up? She says that a lot of Japanese men like to have their eyebrows plucked and she likes this look. But if her boyfriend is so fussy, can she accept this? Bernice says she doesn't mind, but of course she would hope that her boyfriend pays more attention to her. She wouldn't know what to do if her boyfriend was prettier than her, but she can accept him being vain. When Bernice was told that Moses Chan had injured his arm whilst filming earlier, she was a little shocked, because she didn't know. She says she will call him to see how he is when she has time.


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