Friday, June 30, 2006

[The Sun 01/07/06]

Whilst filming on location in the Philippines earlier for the new series "Casino Crisis", Michael Miu and his 'adopted son' Bosco Wong had a great time and Michael also celebrated his birthday there. Bosco had made preparations in advance and had bought him a sports top as a gift. On Michael's birthday on 13th June, he received Bosco's gift and when he tried it on, Bosco kept showering him with praises about how good he looked in it and making Michael very happy indeed as he wore the jacket to have photos taken, despite the fierce heat.

The producer Cheung Kin Man also gave Michael a great birthday gift, allowing him time off from filming to watch the World Cup match on that day and giving the cast and crew the night off to celebrate with him. Apart from this, the owner of the holiday camp where they were all staying also held a 'crab banquet' for them all as they enjoyed some delicious food. Michael laughs that it is good to make everyone happy on his birthday.


[The Sun 01/07/06]

Hacken Lee arrived in Germany on Thursday and as he prepared to go and watch his quarter-final matches of the World Cup, he was absorbed into the frenzied atmosphere in the city, but complained that the pig's trotters in Germany was not very tasty and he misses the great food of Hong Kong.

Hacken arrived with his girlfriend Emily Lo in Berlin and as he spoke on the phone, he was not yet in the stadium, but there was already a lot of excitement in his voice: "The atmosphere here is very charged and the world cup fever is everywhere. There are a lot of people in Germany shirts and the whole country is sure that they will win!" With Germany playing favourites to win Argentina, he says that the Germans are sure that the host nation will take the victory, so all the streets have been closed as nearly a million people party in the streets of Berlin.

Talking of the match against Argentina, Hacken says: "I think Argentina will have the upper hand, but with 90% of the audience supporting Germany, then I will keep a neutral stance in the stadium and support them secretly and just wear a normal T-shirt."

Roman Tam's student and former "Panther Kid" Mike is now living in Germany and he played the host to Hacken, taking him to go and try the local speciality of Salted Pigs Trotters, but Hacken found it a little unpalatable: "The one I had in Hong Kong was very nice, but the local taste is not nice at all. It reminds me of the pork my mother uses in her soup."

As well as the trotters, Hacken is not very impressed with the breakfasts in Germany either, so he says: "We've not been here for 24 hours yet, but I am already longing for some Chinese food!" As well as watching Germany and Argentina, Hacken is more excited about his second match, watching his beloved England fight for another semi-final place against Portugal.


[Em's note: What a match that Hacken chose to watch! Drama as the game ended as a 1-1 draw after extra time and the result was decided in penalties. Hacken's probably a little disappointed that Argentina lost 4-2 on penalties, but I'm sure he is pretty sleepless tonight as he prepares for tomorrow's England match.]

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