Sunday, June 18, 2006


Angels & Demons - Law Lok Lam

In forty years in the business, Law Lok Lam has no lack of classics under his belt. In 1976, he was the first generation of Yeung Guo in "Return of the Condor Heroes; in 1992, "The Greed of Man" made him the stock market wizard Yip Tin, who left protagonist Fong Chin Bok with his 'Winner's Mantra'before he died, that even has a mention in Wikipedia.

In recent years, Law has been given mainly father figure characters, but his exposure has not reduced with new series such as "Trimming Success" and the forthcoming "Casino Wars".

A broad spectrum of roles and an excellent acting talent makes it hard for the audience to grasp the 'real' Law Lok Lam. He thinks a while and says: "During the day, I am an angel, at night I am a demon."

Fascinating? And you thought that the combination of angels and demons could only be found in women.

Let Law himself talk you through why he feels this way...

For the full article, check it out here: http://www.tvbspacenews.org.uk/lawloklam/artiste.html

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