Wednesday, May 31, 2006

[Wen Wei Po & The Sun 01/06/06]

Moses Chan and Yoyo Mung were filming yesterday for new series "Psychic Cop" in a police chase scene that ends with a fall from a building. The story tells of two police officers chasing a criminal onto the roof of a building and in the scuffle, Yoyo accidentally falls from the building. Moses Chan dives in to rescue her and the two had to be suspended by wires during filming in a dangerous mid-air action shot that was quite nerve-wracking!

Yoyo was very nervous during filming and joked afterwards: "Before filming, I didn't want to eat too much, so I drank a can of coffee but I felt it sloshing around inside my stomach when I was being suspended before. I was so scared that I'd be sharing my coffee with you all." Moses also laughed: "I was very close to her and she was screaming very loudly." Yoyo indicated that she has made the necessary preparations to avoid revealing herself as she was wearing quite a short skirt. She says she was not too frightened because it was not a slow descent, which is even scarier. She says: "I did a scene once where I had to be lowered from the seventh floor to the first floor and people were screaming at me on the way down, which unnerved me." Yoyo admits that she was quite nervous when she did wirework for the first time, but now she doesn't think anything of it.

Moses also agreed that the weather was not too bad yesterday, but he still suffered some minor injuries. He smiles: "I will be burned by fire in a couple of days. I have to be a magician and a dancer in this series, so I get to try a lot of things."


[Wen Wei Po 01/06/06]

The Annual Dragon Boat Festival Race, featuring the 'TVB Cup' was held yesterday and the TVB team was represented by Ellesmere Choy, Byron Pang, Lee Yee Man, Ricky Fan, Wong Chun Tong and drummer Astrid Chan at the race in Shatin's Shing Mun River. Ella Koon, Krusty, Mimi Lo, Vangie Tang and Erica Yuen joined TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan to support the team at the water's edge. Finally, the TVB team arrived in fourth place and the men jumped into the water to celebrate.

Astrid pointed out that originally Mr Chan was going to do the drumming for the team, but she was asked to take his place because he had too many things to tend to. Astrid says that her arms are fine, but her legs are a little tired from gripping onto the boat and she ended up cramping a little. She says the pressure on the drummer is quite greate because you have to have a good rhythm, but fortunately she has learned to play music so this helped. She did say that the team felt a little amateurish compared to the well built firefighters team as they paddled by.


[The Sun 01/06/06]

Steven Ma and Yoyo Chan were filming in the street for new series "Operation Breakthrough" in a police shootout scene. Steven revealed that he had once witnessed a traffic accident and this makes him very afraid of bloody scenes. Earlier, he had seen a short clip of a beheading and this left him vomiting for two days!

The story tells of how Steven and Yoyo, who are half-siblings at odds with each other, meet with a shootout in the street. To save his sister, Steven is taken hostage in the chaos, but luckily he escapes with the help of the police. Although TVB had arranged with the authorities to close off the road, there were still some traffic problems nearby.

Steven tells his story of the incident he witnessed: "When I was at high school, I saw a child who had his clothes caught on a car and was dragged along the road for 100 metres. Luckily he managed to free himself, but by that time he was already covered in blood." Steven says he has since been very scared of bloody scenes and has warned his friends not to send any more gory things his way!


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