Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Wen Wei Po 31/05/06]

The group camp for this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants continued yesterday as their backgrounds came under the scrutiny of the press. Some reports have indicated that Tsui Suk Man has a fifty year old engineer 'sugar daddy' and this was the hot topic of the day.

With non-stop gossip about her since the contest started, Tsui Suk Man tried her best to evade the questions and when the press asked for a response, all she said was: "This is my private life, I don't want to talk about it." With the publishing of some swimsuit pictures she had previously taken as a model, she was asked about the comment on her great figure, to which she responded: "I am a woman after all. (Do you think this gives you an advantage?) No, sometimes you see people in swimsuits, it is just a job. (Why are you not responding to the reports?) I hope to keep my privacy. (Will you spend less time with your boyfriend?) I will do everything I need to for the contest. (Is that man your nominator?) My dad nominated me. (Is taking part now going to affect your education?) I am busy with my graduation report, so I just have to go back to school for the presentation, otherwise I can study at home."

Another contestant Wong Ying has had some photos printed from when she was modelling for a slimming company and she says that looking back at the photos, she finds them to be healthy. She feels a little offended by the magazine calling her a 'fake Joyce Chan' and printing her measurements: "Some places have been skewed, those photos were taken several months ago for a slimming ad, so there was no problem wearing a bikini. I am still within contract with them, so the photos can be used for up to a year. I don't regret doing this though because they are very acceptable and I don't think it will affect me. My family are very supportive of me."

Current Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk joined the girls in the camp yesterday and Tracy indicated that she had read the reports on this year's contestants. She says: "Everyone has a past, it is nothing of note." As for the news about Tsui Suk Man and the engineer's love affair, Tracy feels that this kind of negative press will not affect the chances of winning: "Love has nothing to do with age." As for Sharon, she says: "The news happens every year, so we shouldn't take too much notice. Some are real and some are false, so we shouldn't think about it."

Tracy and Sharon are yet to have proper chats with the girls and Sharon says: "This year's standards are not bad, they are still putting on their own make up for now, but after they have had the 'treatment', they will look a lot better."

The contestants were split into three groups yesterday and each group allocated a different budget, with which they had to prepare a meal.


[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/06]

Myolie Wu took part as a guest host on a radio programme earlier and talked about her music loves as well as some stories from before she entered showbiz.

Myolie chose Andy Lau's song "Practice" to share with the listeners, because she really likes Andy and she felt that the lyrics to this song were encouraging and meaningful. She says that she has met Andy once and remembers he was wearing a white tracksuit as he chatted to her. She felt very happy to hear that Andy had watched her series.

For the 'Women in Red' concert, Myolie chose to sing Justin Lo's song "Erica" and she says that she once heard that when male singers choose to name their songs after a girl's name, then the song is usually telling of their own true story. She finds that if a singer is able to share their own stories in their songs, this is very romantic and brave. She adds that if one of her ex-boyfriends write a song about her, then she might even go back to him!


[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/06]

Leo Ku was invited to the opening of a new branch of a bank in Tuen Mun and he brought along his old bank book from the days when he worked for TVB as well as a cheque from TVB for his prize money that he won on quiz show "15/16" with the intention of being the first customer of the bank.

However, it turned out that because the last time that Leo used this account was seven years ago on 1st November 1997 and there was only $80 left in the account, it has since been frozen by the bank and his account has been closed. When he heard this, Leo was a little surprised, but laughed that as he had brought the cheque along, then he will be the bank's first new customer as he opens a new account. Asked why his bank book is still so new despite having left TVB so long ago, he says that although he doesn't use his bank book any more, it still means a lot to him because it was his first account after entering showbiz and even if it is void, he will still look after it. ASked if he will go to the bank in person to deal with his finances, Leo admits that he doesn't, because he leaves these things to his assistant to do.

Although the opening was very early in the morning, Leo was still in good spirits. He says that he was working through the previous night recording for his forthcoming album, so he has not had any sleep, but luckily he has time to rest in the afternoon before he goes back to work.


[Ta Kung Pao 31/05/06]

Myolie Wu, Christine Ng and Stephy Tang were guests on the 'Beautiful Kitchen' show hosted by Alex Fong, Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung. Comic duo Chin Ka Lok and Jerry Lamb were the judges for the evening. Throughout the show, rumoured lovers Alex and Stephy were arranged to be partners in cooking.

As the press pushed questions about Alex and Stephy's relationship, Chin Ka Lok laughed: "No time like the present!" After this, he proceeded to carry out a marriage ceremony for them, asking the audience to bear witness to the occasion and making Alex and Stephy seem quite awkward. During the noodle making section, Stephy exclaimed that she had never tried it before, so Alex arranged for the chef to teach her and then asked her to repeat what she had learned. Afterwards, Alex commented that she had done well and seemed quite used to being the centre of other people's jokes. Jerry joined in the fun, saying how happy he was to see them so sweet together as he kept referring to Stephy as 'sister-in-law'. In the end Stephy won the competition with the highest scores.

Myolie likes to cook in her spare time, but she reveals that she is most afraid of chopping live toads. She says: "When I was younger, I watched adults chop them and they were covered in blood and then you have to skin them, so I am very afraid!"


[The Sun 31/05/06]

Cindy Au and Roger Kwok have been dating for seven years now and Cindy has previously said she wants to get married, but this was met by a straight refusal from Roger. Cindy was sighted earlier with good friend Cherrie Kong looking at the wedding dresses in a Tsimshatsui studio and when Cherrie's friends asked Cindy whether she is soon to be wed, Cindy became a little embarrassed. Although she has not admitted to anything, Cindy continued to look around several studios on Kimberley Road, checking out the gowns and studying the packages on offer as they shared a happy mood. After their jaunt, they went off to a salon for a facial as Cindy prepares to be a bride.

Afterwards, the reporters called Cindy to offer their congratulations and she laughed: "I just happened to see the pretty dresses on that day. They also have a lot of evening wear to hire and they would come in useful when doing stage appearances on the mainland. " ASked if she will be getting married this year, Cindy did not want to say too much: "I am only in my twenties, I am not desperate to get married yet. Don't keep asking me about it! I am worried that people will not give me work because they think I am getting married. Even Cherrie's friends, who don't know me are asking - that is not fair!" Roger and Cindy's relationship is stable, so she promises to tell everyone when they decide to get married: "When it is time, then it cannot be hidden, so I will openly admit it when it happens. Roger is busy filming at the moment and I have a quiz show to do, so we don't have time."


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