Monday, May 29, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 30/05/06]

The twenty-one contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant have entered the Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Vacation Camp for their group training and during this time, a documentary of their progress will be filmed, entitled "Beautiful Friends Camp". On the day of their arrival, they first took part in the Night Trail up the hill to test the courage of the girls. Each given a torch and a whistle, they had to find their way up the darkness of the hill path and although there were film crew with them, Lui Wai Yee and Lee Wing Sze were both so frightened by the darkness that they burst into tears.

Noted as a Shu Qi lookalike, Lui Wai Yee indicated that she is not afraid of creepy crawlies, but she is afraid of the dark: "Although the organisers had said that I could whistle for help if I was afraid, I didn't blow it and kept on going until the end." She does not think she looks like Shu Qi, saying: "She is much prettier and very attractive, I am not as sexy as her and not as alluring, however I am very happy and honoured to be compared with her." For Lee Wing Sze, she was especially scared because she was the first to go and she was so scared that she was shaking and crying. She did not call for help though, explaining: "I did think about blowing the whistle and not continuing, but luckily I finally completed it."

Tsui Shuk Man has been named as a Kyoko Fukada lookalike, but she looked a little tired yesterday, which she explained as being due to an early start and then going to bed late: "In my group, the seven of us took it in turns to have a shower and I was the last to go, so I am very sleepy. I don't think I look rough as I am in good form." As for press reports that have photographed her being picked up by her boyfriend, she was asked whether this is her boyfriend. She politely pointed out that this is her private life so she does not want to reveal anything before bowing and apologising before walking away. Cheng Wing Sum has been likened to [Nic Tse's sister] Tse Ting Ting and says that she likes outdoor activities so she is very tanned. She does not think she looks like Ting Ting.

Course tutor and former Miss Hong Kong winner Olivia Cheng entered the camp yesterday to teach the girls how to make a raft, throw beanbags and some survival techniques. The girls were split into three groups and the winning team will have some private golf lessons with Olivia. After chatting with the contestants, Olivia comments that the girls come from many different places and they are much more intelligent compared to those in the past.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/05/06]

Beauty treatment spokesperson Maggie Siu has shot a new set of advertisements wearing sexy swimsuits and flowery bras. Preparing well for the job by keeping up her beauty regime and exercising regularly, Maggie has maintained her great figure and strolls out with her perfect woman image.

On the day of the shoot, Maggie was very confident of her preparation and started by wearing a very sexy sparkly one-piece swimsuit that revealed her waist and she tried out several poses in front of the mirror before going before the camera. Feeling that she has the chance to show herself off even more, she also decided on a flowery bra and shorts as she combined the summery feel with oozing femininity. Maggie has very high expectations of this shoot and company boss Mariane Chan is also very pleased. Repeating the shots until she was happy, Maggie just wanted to look her best and didn't mind the shoot lasting over ten hours in all.


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