Saturday, May 27, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 27/05/06]

TVB's new series "Trimming Success" held a promotion at Stanley beach yessterday and cast members taking part included Kevin Cheng, Halina Tam, Sharon Chan, Wayne Lai, Stephen Wong and Yan Ying. Leading female Nnadia Chan was absent because she had a fever. Although the girls wore swimsuits, they covered themselves up with tops and only Yan Ying attracted the attentions of the press as she braved not putting a t-shirt on.

Halina looked rather strange, sporting a summer top with long trousers and boots. She explains that she has recently been filming ancient series "In Search of Deities", which involves a lot of wirework and this has left her with many bruises and marks on her legs, which she had to cover up. However, she indicates that the girls in the show have reached an agreement that if the ratings top 40 points, they will all appear in bikinis. Halina is also trying to hide her rather bony figure at the moment: "I am currently weighing only 98 lbs and I am looking very bony, so I have to cover it with long clothes in the summer. After filming ends, I will be working on putting some weight back on, with a target of 105 lbs."

Sharon indicates that she had previously arranged with producer Leung Choi Yuen that she would just show off her legs and that she would save the rest for when the good ratings are announced. Although she tans quite easily, she still likes to take part in watersports and sunbathing, but she will cover her head. She says: "I usually go to Thailand, Hawaii or Guam for the sun to avoid the press. (Have you tried nude bathing?) No, my limits are not yet beyond this, the most I will do is push my swimsuit straps down. Even in hot springs, I have to wear a swimsuit." As for Yan Ying, she said that she was told to wear a swimsuit by the producer and was not looking to stand out. She says that if the show reaches 40 points, she will wear a bikini.

Kevin rushed off to to see a doctor immediately after the event because he had injured his shoulder at the gym earlier. He said: "You have to be so careful whenever you do any exercise. I was in a rush to get to work that day, but rushing does not take you to your destination." Kevin is pleased with the initial response to "Trimming" and asked about Nnadia's absence, he says: "I don't know what illness she has, but she is a lucky fighter and I hope she will be fine and healthy." Kevin has promised that if the show reaches 37 points, he will take everyone out for dinner.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 27/05/06]

Niki Chow took part in a promotion for the X-box yesterday, attracting a crowd of over a hundred people. Niki indicates that at first, the organisers had asked her to appear as one of the characters from the game, but when she found out how low cut the costumes were, Niki is glad she declined. However, she does hope that she can become a lead character in a computer game, especially ones that wear heavy armour and carry sharp weapons because they usually have the best figures and are very attractive.

Niki loves to play games and before she entered the industry, she would go with her brother to the arcades and spend the summer playing games with him at home, stopping only to eat cup noodles. "I have never played through the night, the most is seven or eight hours. In those days we would be afraid that my mum would go past because she would kick the plug out of the socket." Since starting to work, she has not had so much time to play, but her favourites are fighting and racing games because they are high adrenaline things that you cannot do in real life and are good for relieving stress!


[Ta Kung Pao 27/05/06]

Nnadia Chan took part in filming for TVB's new psychology quiz show earlier with Michelle Yim and Cheung Tat Ming, where she was visited on set by TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan.

Nnadia says that she is quite familiar with general knowledge, but has no idea with psychology. She laughs: "I am not very good at grasping people's thoughts, so my friends think I am a bit dumb. (Have you been conned before?) Often! I have a goldfish bowl belly, everyone can see through me, so it is easy to take advantage." Nnadia reveals that she has been conned by a friend before into willing handing over her money, but she has not been tricked by men. ASked how much money she lots, she says: "In total about $10 million, but this was a long time ago and we are no longer friends. You can't really call it a con, it was just the money we lost when we went into business together, but we had to start again from scratch later."

Michelle indicates her IQ isn't very high and hopes that the hosts will give her sympathy points. Asked if she was worried about the host Lam Man Chung revealing her secrets, she smiles: "He can if he wants, I will just reveal his."


[The Sun 27/05/06]

TVB's new series "Operation Breakthrough" was filming in Tuen Mun yesterday in a swimming scene on the beach with cast members Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui. Steven, Shirley and Kate were rather reserved about removing their bathrobes, but Ron boldly pulled his back to show off his muscles.

The cast and crew received a surprise visit from Michelle Ye, who happened to be shooting nearby and when she saw that the press were present, she immediately changed into a revealing purple dress, but left her nose covered to protect herself from the sun. Strolling over casually to the set, she proceeded to wave to everyone, but she received a rather frosty reception from them and subsequently stormed off a rather annoyed by this. Afterwards, the cast members indicated that they didn't know how to react because none of them know her particularly well.


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