Monday, May 29, 2006

[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 29/05/06]

Having previously padded out for her role in TVB new series "Casino Wars", Tavia Yeung was filming with Bosco Wong yesterday in a wedding scene at the church in the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village, where she is rather violently jilted at the altar. The story tells of how Tavia and Bosco's characters fall in love, but when Bosco finds out that Tavia has been paid off by Michael Miu to be with him, then this leads to him leaving her on their wedding day.

The actors involved in the scene were all very focussed and in one part where Bosco had to toss away Tavia's hand, she was so emotional that she couldn't stop crying. Bosco laughs: "Last time in 'Under the Canopy of Love', I had to run away, now I have to do the same thing!" Talking of his partner Tavia, Bosco says jokingly: "So bad, my tan is not as dark as hers, I have lost!"

In order to play a girl who has breast implants to enter a beauty contest, Tavia had to wear fake 36D breasts earlier, but the story tells that these are later removed. Having had her fake breasts 'reduced' for this scene as she is no longer under the strain from the heavy costume that she has worn for two months, Tavia seemed very relaxed, but with something missing, Jessica Hsuan laughed that this was a display of insecurity! To this, Tavia laughs: "Even if you gave it to me, I wouldn't have them so big. When we film over in the Philippines on location later, I have to wear the fake bust again and I am afraid of getting a rash from the heat over there. Bobby Au Yeung has to wear his fake belly too, so we can suffer together."

The cast of "Casino" will be travelling out to the Philippines next month to film on location and Jessica says that they are currently trying to overcome the problem of sharing rooms: "I will most likely be sharing with Tavia, but I am thinking if we get Hui Siu Hung over as a room mate, it will be like having a servant to cook and clean for us! (Are you not afraid of him?) Yes, he has commented on me being 'good' before." She adds that because the plane is so small, they have only been allowed to take 15kg of personal effects with them and she laughs: "My skincare products will make up most of that! Now I can only take those products and some entertainment items. Jessica also denies rumours that she finds Michael Miu not famous enough and the two have a good chat whenever they meet.


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[The Sun 29/05/06]

Gossip magnet Charmaine Sheh held a birthday party in Wanchai yesterday that was attended by top rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan and a host of other men, with whom she has been linked. Benny seemed to be proving his position as top dog as his gave his 'girlfriend' a birthday kiss that lasted a good 30 seconds.

For Charmaine's 31st birthday, Benny held the party for her in his own bar. Other guests at the party included many previously rumoured boyfriends, including Michael Tong, Joe Ma, Matt Yeung and Real Ting, who swept aside their rather awkward positions and celebrate with the birthday girl. As for fellow cast members from "Dance of Passion", only Kenny Wong attended, with no sign of the others. Also present were Annie Man, Iris Wong and Ellen Chan.

The birthday girl herself arrived alone in a taxi at around 10pm and Benny a short time after that, looking relaxed, despite having to face four strong rivals. It was reported that he was playing the host at the party to make sure all Charmaine's friends were well looked after. As midnight arrived and the cake was cut, the party reached a climax as Charmaine and Benny, who have been rumoured to have been dating for four years, shared a passionate kiss that lasted a while in front of all their friends, before acting like a married couple and raising the envy of those present.

After making clear his position in the race for Charmaine's affections, Benny was confident in leaving her in their presence as he left the party early at around 2am. Asked what present he had bought his girlfriend, the rather inebriated Benny replied oddly, quoting from a popular internet clip: "No pressure, we don't have any pressure." As the reporters returned the tagline: "Is it sorted?", Benny responded: "No, the problem's not sorted, not sorted!" before getting into the car. Afterwards, the other men left one by one and Charmaine herself left at around 5am with some friends.

When Benny was called later and asked if he felt awkward with so many other love rivals, Benny said: "I am just one of her 'rumoured boyfriends', not the real thing!" He also adds that he was just there to help out and did not buy her a present. Or perhaps he had already given it to her in the form of a long kiss!


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