Thursday, May 25, 2006

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 25/05/06]

Rumoured love triangle Don Li, Mandy Chiang and Tracy Ip were all guests on the TVB quiz show 15/16 yesterday, where sparks flew as Don's supposed current and ex girlfriends showered him with compliments and criticisms, aided by the cutting remarks from host and DJ Sammy Leung, who was quick to point out that 'three is most definitely a crowd'.

Faced with sharing a stage with his two recent love interests, Don put on a brave face and pointed out: "It's not about old and new lovers, just all my old and new friends here." When Tracy was asked whether she felt that she or Mandy suited Don better, she was all good words for her love rival: "Before I entered Miss Hong Kong, I thought they went very well together. (Will you be avoiding Don now?) No, we still keep in touch, we will not avoid each other just because of rumours." However, Tracy then went on to say what her criteria are for her partner, in particular that he must not be shorter than her: "If he is the same height then that is okay, but he can't be shorter than me." For Don, who only just meets this requirement, it looks like this may be what is letting him down. Mandy adds: "As a friend though, we shouldn't be so choosy, as long as he has a good heart."

Not to be outdone, Mandy came back with some more words about Don. ASked how she felt about the arrangement for them to appear together, Mandy says: "He is not my boyfriend, what love rival? Please don't taint my innocence!" As for Tracy's comment that she was a good match for Don, Mandy says: "This was a good marketing ploy from my company - at least our appearances matched. However, I think we are more like a brother and sister pair now."

Mandy emerged as the big winner on the night, netting prize money of $4000, whilst everyone else, including the other guests Miki Yeung, Kary Ng and Lily Lei went home empty handed.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/05/06]

The well built Kenny Wong appeared at a promotional event yesterday in his surfing gear, showing off his broad shoulders and 40 inch chest. Since the success of "Dances of Passion", Kenny's profile has been raised with the public and this has seen an increase in his appearances and earnings. Asked if he was happy with this fee, he smiles that it is a happy price and he wouldn't mind some more!

Kenny will soon be shooting an ad and also guest starring in a film. Asked if he has made a packet recently, he smiles that it is 'so-so' and he hopes it will get better and better. As he had to bare his body for this ad, he admits he has been working out for several days for top form. Asked if he would be showing this off again in his ad, Kenny says modestly that he has been working out for many years now, but he has never really showed off his figure. It was only when he played a rough bumpkin in the series and the producer asked him to show his chest that everyone saw it and took note.

Kenny says that he does not mind appearing in trunks or even to show off his bum, but the most important thing is for this to be portrayed in the correct way as he has no intentions of following the sexy route. After 'Dances' has been aired, Kenny's popularity has risen and he has gained many new male and female fans. Recently he has also entered the top 3 on the gay icon chart. Kenny doesn't mind this at all as he points out his old fanbase was mainly housewives, but now he has many younger female fans as well.


[The Sun 25/05/06]

Shirley Yeung took part in a toothpaste promotion yesterday and the reporters noticed that she seemed to have several large spots on her face. She revealed that when she was driving into the tunnel earlier, a car hit her from behind, scratching her car. When the driver then started blaming her and this left her so frustrated that she had a spot outbreak.

Shirley says: "My car was already in lane, the car behind me drove into me and the female driver immediately stepped out of the car to knock on my window. She had a terrible attitude and kept saying I was in the wrong, but then refusing to pay for the damage and to sue her if I could. She was in the wrong all along, so I have called the police and it is in their hands now. I hope I can get my justice."


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