Friday, May 26, 2006

[The Sun 26/05/06]

With good reviews being received for the recent TVB epic "Dance of Passion", Vinci Wong has had a breakthrough performance playing the weak younger brother of Bowie Lam's character in the show. Earlier, he invited good friends Angela Tong, Priscilla Ku and Bel Lau to dinner to asked for their reviews of his performance. He says: "Everyone just remembers me as a host, so to have this role makes me very happy. I am worried I have not done well enough, even when I was filming, I was always asking the producer (Chik Kei Yi) if I was really bad. Luckily he has very high expectations and he will not accept it if it was not up to scratch!"

With her own recent rise in popularity after the role of Lee Siu Ho in "Life Made Simple", Angela offers words of encouragement to Vinci to support him and as well as feeding him personally, she also presented him with a gift that she had made. Angela smiles: "I will record 'Dance' every night from the TV and make a set of DVD's for him. I usually do this for myself and record a copy of every appearance I have made, not letting go of any scenes."

As for Priscilla, she laughs that she has to give him some praises for Vinci's generosity in taking them for dinner. She says: "I haven't really watched it properly, but when he is in it, I will watch and support him." As for the results of "Dance" not quite up to the standards set by "La Femme Desperado", Vinci says candidly that the genre is quite limiting: "To get 33 points is very good already, but maybe the plot is not so easy to understand and children will not watch it, so this will affect the results."


[Ta Kung Pao 26/05/06]

Bernice Liu is not only beautiful, but she also has a pretty good figure that is the envy of many. However there have been reports recently that Bernice has been overly flaunting her assets in order to attract public attention. Taking part in an interview yesterday, Bernice was asked about this report and she says that she cannot control what people will write, or the angle at which they will take their photographs. Bernice indicates she has inherited her figure from her mother as her full bust is all natural.

Asked if she would be more careful about her dress in future, she says that what she wears depends on the event and often it is not even her choice. Asked if she would wear a bikini if this was required by the company, Bernice says that provided this is necessary, she has trust in the company and she will do it. As for whether she would have to seek permission from Moses Chan, upon hearing his name, she quickly evaded the question and refused to answer.


[The Sun 26/05/06]

Leila Tong has always given people the 'good girl' image, but as her characters on the screen start to develop, Leila will be filming new series "Housewife Army" soon, playing a village girl who stirs up trouble within the group with gossip and rumours.

Leila says that this character is very challenging for her and she is honoured to be working alongside accomplished actresses such as Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung and Cecila Yip. She says: "This is the second time I have worked with Sheren, the first time was in 'Aqua Heroes', where I played her daughter. This time I am the person who is always stirring up trouble for her."


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