Friday, May 26, 2006

[The Sun 26/05/06]

Rumoured couple Ron Ng and Janice Wai took part in a promotional event yesterday, where they were openly showering each other with compliments. Ron said that Janice is very cute and Janice responds by saying that Ron is very nice, but she doesn't like men with wandering hearts.

Asked about the earlier reports that they had been avoiding each other at a previous event, Ron denied this and said that they are both newcomers, so they just said hello to each other on the stage. "There is nothing between us. (Reports say you were shouting at a make-up artist backstage?) No."Asked whether Janice was the type of girl he likes, he did not respond. Instead, he just said that she is very cute. Having moved his affections from the 'wild' Ella Koon to the 'cute' Janice, Ron was asked if his tastes had changed, to which he replies: "My work comes first."

Janice says she and Ron are just friends: "We did talk to each other that night. (Do you like his type?) Not especially, as long as he is honest, then he doesn't need to be good looking. He mustn't flirt with other girls or be unfaithful - but this type of man is hard to find." Janice adds that she has not swapped phone numbers with Ron.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/05/06]

TVB held a round of interviews for this year's Mr Hong Kong contest and although the standard of the applicants were decidedly average, there was still a range from the 'well built' to 'positively weird'. The eldest contestant this year Mr Chan met with a group of press on his way to the toilets and immediately flexed his muscles up as well as demonstrating his 'floor routine', raising quite a few laughs. 31-year old Mr Chan was labelled 'Tramline Guy' after the geeky character in a recent popular series and there were plenty of people who were jiggling their muscles around.

One hundred and fifty men were interviewed, with ages ranging from 16 to 41, most of them are university graduates, with two Masters graduates and two PhD's. A couple of familiar faces included Wu Hang Tung, who took part in last year's Mr Asia contest as well as last year's Mr Hong Kong and also Jeet Kune Do expert Mr Ng, who had earlier won some prize money in Ronald Cheng's talent quest show.

TVB representative Ho Lai Chuen indicated that the format of this year's contest will be similar to that of last year, splitting the finalists into the "Style" and "Fitness" categories.


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