Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[The Sun 24/05/06]

Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan and Michael Miu were filming for new series "Casino Wars" in a scene that told of Tavia accidentally revealing herself during a beauty contest and losing out as a result. Afterwards, both Jessica and Tavia indicated that they had never thought about entering beauty contests themselves, with Tavia saying: "I am not brave enough to wear a swimsuit. Maybe if my legs were a couple of inches longer, my bust was a couple of cup sizes larger and they changed the rules so they didn't have to wear swimsuits, then I will take part! It may have to be in the next life before I have a chance though!"

Michael indicated that he had previously been invited to be a judge at a beauty pageant: "I didn't do it, because I would score it all wrong and make people lose."


[The Sun 24/05/06]

After "La Femme Desperado", Sheren Tang and Michael Tse are reunited as a couple in new series "Housewife Army" and Sheren is not a strong business lady this time, but a housewife being controlled by 'husband' Michael.

In the show, Sheren and Michael have a pair of boy-girl twins and with the exchange of power from Sheren to Michael, he says boldly: "Most of the time, I get the say in this show! Look at her (Sheren) - she has lost all her ferocity!" Beside him, Sheren adds: "In a healthy family, then the men should take the lead, but you have to have control over me!"

When Sheren was asked whether Michael paid for treats during the filming of "La Femme", she says: "That's hard! Usually it was Raymond Lam who was first to pay." Not to be outdone, Michael replies: "I am the head of the family, so my resources need to be placed into my children!" Asked if they would have any kissing scenes together, Sheren laughs: "The children are already so old, what intimacy is left?". To this, Michael adds: "Yes there is, wait 'til the kids are asleep! I have asked about this, when you are in your room, it can't be heard!"

The producer reveals that the 'housewives' will be appearing in their swimsuits in the first episode and when Sheren was asked if she would appear in a bikini, she says: "Housewives don't wear bikinis! (Many housewives nowadays are very fashionable!) Bright colours are okay, but they aren't sexy! Never mind though, I have a one-piece of my own that I will use." As for the other pretty housewife Cecilia Yip, she says: "I am trying to talk them into changing it to jogging! I am so nervous, showing a bit of leg is enough isn't it?"


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 24/05/06]

Sammul Chan, Vivien Yeo and Elaine Yiu have been in Taiwan recently promoting TVB's paid channels. Vivien showed off her long legs in a mini skirt and heels, but on her first ever visit to Taiwan, she is like a country bumpkin in the city, getting very excited with each new sight. At one memorial hall, it rained for a long time before it stopped and they were so excited that they all jumped up for joy! With many of Sammul's series being broadcasted in Taiwan, he is quite popular over there and six of his fans waited for him at the airport, presenting him with gifts and giving him a surprise- they must have had some inside information! Sammul says he has been to Taiwan many times and these fans have been with him for over two years.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/05/06]

Ekin Cheng and Niki Chow took part in a celebratory event for their management company BMA and revealed their plans for the coming year. Heavily promoted by the company, both Ekin and Niki will be appearing in three movies this year. Ekin laughs he is just making a living, but also reveals that the company will be designing websites and releasing books for its artistes.

Ekin reveals that his own book will talk about the sense of danger and he will add snippets from his own experiences. Asked if he would talk about his career and love life, Ekin did not respond directly, but reminded everyone to watch his TVB documentary for the answers. Ekin also plans to write, direct and star in his own movie this year, in a story about the comic expo. He says this is part of realising his dream, but he has no money so he won't be able to fund it himself.

Acting in TV and film as well as her singing career, Niki has become a favourite within the company and she smiles: "Don't say that!" She says that she will be concentrating on her film career this year, so she has not accepted any work from TVB. Looks like her fans will be a little disappointed, but will look forward to seeing her on the big screen.


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