Monday, May 22, 2006

[The Sun 23/05/06]

Maria Chan and Chan Shan Chung were filming for new series "Pearl of the Orient" earlier in their first kiss scene together, but as it was raining heavily all day, they waited and waited, but in the end the chance to kiss never came. Maria did not feel awkward about the scene though, saying: "Maybe I am very westernised, so I am more worried about Shan Chung being embarrassed. (Did you warn your boyfriend beforehand?) I am not dating anyone at the moment, so I don't need to."

Shan Chung indicated that he has stopped smoking for over a month now: "It's not just for this scene! At first it was hard, but I am okay now." Having started out as a singer ten years ago, Shan Chung gets a chance to show off his singing voice again in this series as he relives the golden oldies of Ching Shan and Lau Ka Cheung from the era.


[The Sun 23/05/06]

Rumoured lovers Moses Chan and Bernice Liu both took part in this year's TVB Community Chest charity show, but not together on the stage. In her new capacity as a 'singer', Bernice was arranged to sing the finale song with Leo Ku and Jade Kwan, whereas Moses joined the other cast members from "Dances of Passion for a dumpling-eating competition. Asked of his support for Bernice, Moses says: "Of course I will support her and buy her album!"

With the great success of the TVB 'Lady in Red' album, Bernice must take some credit for this, but asked if she will be launching into a fully fledged singing career, Bernice protests: "No... I am still contracted with TVB and not a singer. To have a chance to sing on this album has already made me very happy. (You've been named as having your own album?) I haven't been notified yet. (Which do you prefer, singing or acting?) A mix of both, because artistes are always changing!"

The other rumoured couple on the night did join each other on the stage as Maggie Siu and Kenny Wong also took part in dumpling eating, but with Maggie's forcefeeding, Kenny found it hard to keep up!

Ratings for the show fell drastically as the night went on as the executives decided to take part in the entertainment, causing the points to fall from 26 at the beginning of the show to just 13 points at the end. Maybe they should leave the entertaining to the entertainers!


[The Sun 23/05/06]

Following on from last year's "shaking car incident", it would appear that Queenie Chu has finally been 'unfrozen' and been allowed back onto the screen at TVB. Dancing opposite Jordan Chan at the earlier charity show in a 'Steamy Tango' number, there was a rather candid display of thigh-stroking by Jordan, who was rewarded by much flirting from Queenie in her skimpy outfit. Such a steamy performance stole the show from fellow dancers Vivien Yeo and Toby Leung.

Asked later on if he had touched Queenie where he shouldn't have, Jordan said: "It was just a performance with so many people watching. If I did overstep the mark, then I will say sorry." Queenie supporter her dance partner, saying that Jordan is a gentleman: "He didn't touch me there, don't be so sensitive!" Queenie seemed rather nervous when she was asked about her views on promiscuity: "Social dancing is like that, my teacher told me that Chinese people don't do it well unless they know their partner well because they are too conservative. (Are you conservative or open-minded?) When I need to be, I will be open or conservative. (Does it depend on the other person?) It depends on the situation."

Queenie went on to thank TVB for the chance to perform again and asked if she was now officially 'defrosted', she became nervous, afraid of saying something wrong and asking a company PR to reply for her. With the PR response: "Let's see how the weather is...", Queenie immediately laughed: "It's not up to me if I am unfrozen, but the company has arranged a part for me in 'Casino Wars', where I play a gambling expert."


[The Sun 23/05/06]

The premiere was held earlier for new evangelical film "The Room" starring Yoyo Mung and Sharon Chan and despite running a fever, Nnadia Chan was there to support her good friends. Asked about earlier reports that she has a tumour in her womb, Nnadia denied this, explaining: "It is not a tumour in the womb, but a tumour nearby that is around 10cm long. I didn't talk about it before because I wanted to keep a low profile and stop it being blown out of proportion. Next thing I know, they will say I have died!" Nnadia will be undergoing surgery to remove the tumour in July, so she will finish her current projects and rest in preparation.

When Sharon heard about her friend's condition, she was very grateful to Nnadia for attending: "Nnadia is very optimistic. I am not worried about her illness because she even comforted me before. I will pray for her recovery." Sharon says she got to know Nnadia whilst filming for series "Trimming Success" and laughs that they could not stop chatting duirng filming. Sharon adds that she plays a telephone counsellor in the film, but when she has problems in real life, she will pray for a solution."


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