Sunday, May 21, 2006

[The Sun 22/05/06]

When a female member of the cast is missing from a promotional event, this always gives rise to gossip, but the heavens were on Gigi Lai's side yesterday as her shoot for new series "Psychic Cop" was cancelled and she was able to attend the promotional event planned for "Dances of Passion" instead, together with Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh. With all the girls dressed in strappy tops, they further promoted the harmony within the group. However, her choice of footwear wasn't great and she screamed as she tried to walk down the slope in the games, screaming for Bowie to help her and successfully stealing the show.

Gigi said confidently: "The tug of war was left to the men to do. I called out to Bowie to help because in the past he has always helped me out of situations when we did interviews. (Bowie is very good to you!) Yes, I like my men with something on the inside,they don't have to be too muscly and I can lean on a little belly, shame he is in the industry otherwise I would consider him." At this point, Bowie joined in the conversation and says "She has one anyway... (a boyfriend?)... no stomach cramp! (Gigi says men from the industry are no good.) Yes, take Moses Chan, he is no good!"

Ada did well in the tug of war and did not seem to be affected by her earlier neck cramp injury. She has been undergoing accupuncture treatment for it for two days. She says: "The doctor says I am too skinny and caught an infection. Some people can get paralysis of the face in some cases, so I need to treat it carefully."

As for Charmaine, she is very pleased with the great success of her sub-theme that has been released on TVB Music's latest album "Lady in Red", but she admits that she has not had time to buy a copy herself and in the end had to ask Lok Yee Link for a copy. At the event, she didn't have a chance to sing as Bowie had been arranged to sing the theme tune, but she didn't mind at all.


[The Sun 22/05/06]

The recently popular Sheren Tang was invited to the opening of a beauty salon in Tuen Mun yesterday and she attracted quite a crowd to some and see her that even surprised her: "These must be the most dedicated and devoted group of viewers!"

Sheren indicated that her fee for this event was good and she has been promised free treatments from the boss. Asked if she is interested in becoming a boss herself, Sheren shook her head and said: "I don't know how to do business, I will just be the guinea pig and enjoy the results. (Any skincare tips?) Earlier, I went to Europe with Monica Chan and Jacqueline Law on a gospel tour and I found that they were using masks at all times of the day. This made me change my lazy skincare habits because there are no ugly women in this world, just lazy ones!" Sheren will be taking part in the costume fitting next week for her new series "Housewife Army" and she says that the character is hard to understand for her, so this will be a big challenge.


[The Sun 22/05/06]

Despite her busy schedules after being promoted by TVB recently, Fala Chen made the most of her day off by going shopping and bargain hunting before having a karaoke session with fellow Miss Chinese International winner Leanne Li and some other friends.

After taking part in a charity event with Lai Lok Yi on Saturday, she enjoyed afternoon tea with her manager in Kowloon Tong before going on a shopping spree in the nearby mall, picking up an array of clothes and shoes in the space of half an hour. Then she bought a cake and headed over to Tsimshatsui, where she picked up a few bargains in Granville Road. Afraid of being noticed, she also bought herself a cap to hide herself from the crowd. Later, she met up with Leanne and fellow children's presenter Vin Choi before going over to a karaoke bar until around 2am.

In an interview later, Fala said that she was not worried about being spotted and that she bought the cap because her hair was messy. she added: "I didn't have anything to do that day, so I took the opportunity to practise my singing. Also I don't have time for leisure lately because I am busy filming, so I joined some good friends such as Leanne for some fun. We do normal things like shopping and karaoke, it's a great way to relax!"


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