Sunday, May 21, 2006

[The Sun 21/05/06]

Sheren Tang and Cecilia Yip will soon begin filming for new series "Housewife Army" and yesterday, they were joined in TVB City by Michael Tse to audition some of the children in the series. Sheren says that taking on this project will be challenging her powers of restraint to the limit because she has never had much patience for children, but she will do this for her work: "When you are filming, you have to connect with them and really love them to make them feel like famil. (Will you have one yourself?) I don't have a husband yet. Let's see if I pass the tolerance test of this series first."

With recent rumours that Sheren has been dating some younger men, she laughs: "There will be lots of dates in the future, but those two were just friends and are gay. I would like to make them straight again maybe!"


[The Sun 21/05/06]

Bowie Lam and Linda Chung took part in the Spring Sailing Competition as opening guess and tried their hand at sailing themselves. Bowie loves watersports and says: "I am interested in activities on the water and under water and when I was in the mainland filming for 'Dances of Passion', I went to get my diving licence there."

Linda on the other hand is not at ease in the water, so she doesn't take part in watersports much: "This is the first time I have been out to sea in a sailboat, so it will be very exciting. (Are you afraid of being seasick?) I should be okay, but have brought a bag just in case. (Do you want your future boyfriend to be able to sail?) The more talents the better. (Do you hope to get married on a boat?) Yes, that would be quite unusual and should be very romantic!"


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