Thursday, June 01, 2006

[The Sun 01/06/06]

As the activities continued for the 21 Miss Hong Kong contestants yesterday, there was an injury as Tsang Shui Shan (dubbed as 'the female form of Korean star Lee Jun Ki) slipped whilst pushing her canoe ashore and wounded her knee. She indicated that she was bleeding and the first aiders came to her assistance in stopping the blood. Asked if she was worried this would affect her performance, she says: "No, it will not. The other team members will help me." It appears that after four days of training, the girls are physically and mentally tired, with Tsui Suk Man's bags under her eyes comparable to a handbag and not showing her usual sparkle, whilst Tsang Shui Shan and Lam Suet Man have had a bit of a breakout on their cheeks.

As their guest tutor, Carol Cheng indicated that the girls will be split into three groups, where twelve finalists will be selected. In addition to the four overseas contestants, who gain automatic qualification, there will be sixteen girls in the finals. She says: "We will be holding a 'survivor' meeting on the 7th, where the final twelve will be selected. As there is no semi-final this year, the responsibility for the selection will rest on Olivia Cheng, Eric Tsang and myself." Carol says that the educational standards of the girls this year is high and there is even one girl with a PhD place, so even if she isn't successful, she still has a job to return to.


[The Sun 01/06/06]

Sharon Chan took part in an event for the church yesterday and she hopes to take this opportunity to spread a positive message to young people. Sharon says that she is very worried about her 21-year-old brother: "He is very quiet and doesn't say much. It has been like this since puberty and he is always just in front of his computer, not talking to anyone about anything, so I am worried about his psychological state. (Has be dated anyone?) No. (Have you introduced him to any girls?) I have problems communicating with him, he is too timid." Asked if her brother has come out to show his support for her, she says: "He has never taken part. If he came, I would be moved to tears!"


[Em's comment: Poor Sharon, she cares so much for her brother. It's a shame that there are so many young people who are in a similar position to the young Master Chan. The internet revolution has its drawbacks, but we should stop this before society starts regressing. Kids need to be re-taught the importance of good interpersonal communication.]

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